Is Hiring A Life Coach Worth It?

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Hugely successful public figures all work extensively with a life coach. But is s life coaching really worth it? A professional life coach may cost exorbitant amounts of money per hour. So, should you pin all of your hopes on a life coach, or should you rather save your money?

There is no one answer to the question of if life coaching is worth it or not. It is not an issue of how much money you should be spending. If you are not ready to change or do not have the inclination to do so, then no amount of life coaching will change you.

When You Should Hire A Life Coach

When Something Wonderful And Exciting Has Happened

Changes in life, even when they are for the better, can be exciting, challenging, terrifying and disorientating – all at the same time. A decision in one aspect of your life inevitably causes ripple effects in others. A new job, for example, could affect your health, relationships, where you live as well as how you spend your free time.

Transitions often make us re-examine our sense of who we are or the capabilities we’ve taken for granted. It can be painful to let go of what you know, especially if you feel you ‘should’ be incredibly happy and you aren’t. Working with the right life coach can help you to examine the constructs and inner worlds you’ve created in the past.

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When A Tragedy Has Happened

Whether you’ve been fired, your company has failed, your children have left the nest or you’re going through an illness, most of us want to avoid grief at all costs. As a result, we attempt to force our way through these times however we only end up living with an undercurrent of resentment as well as depression for a much longer period of time.

Taking the time in order to grieve traumatic changes in your life may lessen the amount of time that you spend in despair. A qualified life coach can provide a compassionate as well as safe place for you to grieve.

In addition, if you are dismantling the structures of home, marriage or career a professional life coach can assist you learn from your struggle in order to expand and then to move forward.

It is a life coach’s job is to ask questions which shift a client’s thinking because if you cannot help a client see things in a different light, then change is not going to happen. It sounds simple, but it’s very difficult and the desire (especially among newer life coaches) to dive in and offer advice can be intense.

Many people think life coaches advise their clients what to do. Any life coach who slips into that mode is no longer a coach but a mentor or teacher. As for results, this is highly dependent on the client as well as the coach as the life coach cannot help any client who doesn’t want to do the work.

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