Why Life Coaching Is A New Path To Discovering Yourself

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We often think the word coach only refers to the world of sports, however cricket and rugby players are not the only people who need direction. Sometimes everyday people need coaching to deal with life. This where a life coaching comes in.

Life comes with more complications, as well as hardships, than any sport. This means that without some type of coaching, it can be difficult to overcome them. Life coaching is about identifying current issues in your life, moving forward and then keeping them accountable. The life coach and client work in a partnership together in order to keep moving forward.

What A Life Coach Doesn’t Do

There is a common misunderstanding that life coaching is all about motivational talks combined with self-help books. In reality, hiring a life coach does not offer a quick fix, but rather tools as well as approaches that are used in order to overcome barriers which restrict the client from living their life fully.

The life coaching space is really just a non-judgemental atmosphere in order to ask thought-provoking questions that you will answer yourself and will identify your solutions. In the end, it’s shocking at how many people have an ‘aha’ moment just from a handful of sessions.

If people are still dealing with past ordeals, or something which they are not ready to move forward from, then psychology might be the better route as counselling focuses on the impact of past traumas while life coaching focuses on the future.

What Is Life Coaching All About?

The process of life coaching holds you accountable for the goals you set for yourself. Having a life coach is the equivalent of having a manager, sports coach and personal trainer all rolled into one. A life coach will provide you with an independent and objective view of a dilemma or issue. This means that your coach is able to facilitate your thinking process as well as help to bring you to appreciate a new perspective on the issue at hand.

As we alluded to beforehand, during the life coaching process you will have insights or ‘aha’ moments. You’ll have the feeling of “why didn’t I think of that before?” By making these new life coaching methods part of your life, you will experience many “aha” moments, not only at home but at work as well.  The life coaching process explains why these moments occur and what to do to experience them more often.

Some of the phenomenal benefits of life coaching are that you are able to see opportunities where you used to see problems, decisions that you need to make are easier and you feel empowered in order to choose how you want to feel. In addition, with life coaching you’ll be able to get new insights and realisations as well as completely change your perspective.

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