What Is It Like To Work With A Life Coach?

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Recent studies that were conducted by the International Coaching Federation – regarding the effectiveness of life coaching – showed 99% of the people who they interviewed saw their experience working with a life coach as rewarding. A total of 96% stated they would do it again. Furthermore, 65% said working with a life coach helped them to improve their performance at work, and 80% said it helped improve their self-confidence.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is intended to help people so that they are able to meet goals in their personal or business lives. This is done through the process of guiding them in the correct direction — much like a sports coach would do for a sportsperson — although the methods made use of by individual life coaches will vary greatly.

Life coaching is a form of counselling – although it’s not to be confused with psychology – which utilises a series of individual sessions. These sessions are sometimes carried out over a telephone or even via e-mails, as well as through face-to-face sessions. These sessions are aimed at helping people solve their problems as well as achieve ambitions. Life coaching draws from a number of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, and numerous forms of counselling.

Life coaching usually consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and your coach. Each and usually last 45 to 60 minutes each. Some life coaching clients meet with their life coach once a week, while some clients meet every two weeks or just only once a month. This all depends on their needs. You and the coach will agree on what works best for you prior to starting the coaching engagement and will often be flexible if the schedule needs to be adjusted.

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Why Hire A Life Coach

Just about anyone can benefit from working with a life coach. Those who are stuck in a rut are able to become clearer regarding reaching new goals. In addition, those that are already successful may accomplish even more. The bottom line is that by working together with a life coach, you can set better goals and reach them faster as opposed to if you attempted to reach them under your own steam. At the end of the day, you are only really able to measure how successful life coaching is in your life if you achieve the success or happiness that you’re seeking. This relies on you being committed to the process and then acting upon it.

A Life Coach Will Partner With You in Your Success

The greatest aspect of good life coaching is that rather than of acting as a counsellor to their clients, life coaches act as a partner and motivator. They see through the excuses which you make and they hold you answerable. Life coaches see how you restrict yourself to only doing the bare minimum and they challenge you to accomplish more. Their motivation is what assists you to grow and become the person you want to be.

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