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As somebody who wants to start their own life coaching business, you’ve likely already discovered that there is no shortage of ‘wisdom’ on how best to go about it. With the infinite resources on the Internet, everything is offered if you have time to do the research and (more importantly) can tell the difference between what you should listen to and what you should ignore.

Entrepreneurs offering life coaching services seem to be popping everywhere. It’s obviously a hot field however with no barrier to entry, anyone with an Internet connection can call themselves a life coach. However, not everyone will be a good one or a popular one.

Taking The Plunge

Resigning from your full-time job in order to start a life coaching practice can take a lot of guts. You would like to have extra time to spend with those you love, have the freedom to decide how you spend your days as well as the money to enjoy countless opportunities in addition to a wonderful quality of life.

You want to build a community who is engaged, impact millions with your message in addition to attracting customers and clients from all over the world. And you want to be recognised as a visionary leader in the life coaching field.

You know that you’re meant for something big and you have so much to offer the world, however you don’t know how to really make it happen.  Knowing the reason why you would like to become a life coach will help you to find inspiration as you build your coaching practice:

  • Have you realised incredible success in an area and want to give back?
  • Have you been through a traumatic life experience and want to share your insights with others?
  • Or maybe you are looking for the freedom and lifestyle that coaching from home can provide.

If you love sharing advice, motivation, and inspiration with others then life coaching is the right career path for you.

Pick Your Life Coaching Niche

First up, you need to decide on the type of life coaching business you want to create. Your niche will guide you going forward. It determines:

  • Who you work with,
  • Your coaching packages, and
  • How you market your business.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Now you have your coaching niche, go deeper and get to know your ideal client. This is the person you guide and encourage through their fears, doubts as well as struggles. This is the person you will serve in your business by helping them solve their problems and reach their goals.

When you picked a niche, you began to form a picture about the type of client you would like to work with as well as how you would help them. Now, spend time getting to know this person in more detail.

But don’t worry about getting this perfect – you can always tweak your business later. As you start helping clients, you will discover more about your unique life coaching style as well as the kind of clients you most enjoy working with. For now, pick a starting point and then move forward with confidence.

You can realise your dream of finding freedom and flexibility by doing coaching from home online. Creating a successful life coaching business necessitates that you are skilled at COACHING as well as at building a BUSINESS.

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