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Eating healthy can help you lose weight and to also have more energy. A healthy diet can also improve your mood as well as reduce your risk of disease. However, despite these benefits maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can be challenging.

If you’re working hard in order to lose weight or get your abs on point, you are likely not to be alone. Even if occasionally it feels like all your friends and family would like to sabotage your hard work every week with constant happy hours, brunches as well as various social gatherings.

Let’s just be blunt about it. Eating healthily is not always easy. However, that doesn’t make it impossible. Here are our favourite tips to help you stick to your diet and be more successful in the long run.

Start With Realistic Expectations

Eating a nutritious diet has a number of different benefits, including possible weight loss. However, it’s important to set realistic expectations. For instance, if you pressure yourself to lose weight too quickly, your plan to attain better health could backfire.

Researchers have found out that individuals who are obese, who are expected to lose a lot of weight, were more likely to drop out of a weight-loss programme within 6–12 months. Setting a more realistic and achievable goal can keep you from getting discouraged and may even lead to greater weight loss.

Before you tear into a bag of potato chips, first drink a glass of water. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so you could end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really all you actually needed. If plain water doesn’t cut it, try drinking flavoured sparkling water or brewing a cup of fruit-infused herbal tea.

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Find What Motivates You

Start with the why. Before you even attempt to decide on making a change, give yourself a great reason to do it in the first place. Motivation is powerful, and when you’ve found it, it’s actually just a matter of holding on to it. However, it has to come from you. While other people can inspire you to want to change, no one can actually give you the daily gusto to make it happen. This is except you.

Really ask yourself the question, “What is driving me to this? What am I wanting to get out of it”? Write it down or take a clear picture of it. Post it somewhere so you have to see it every day – like on the mirror or your fridge.

Whether that’s just a number on the scale, or something of bigger impact – such as living longer to see your grandkids someday. This may sound extreme to some however it’s a harsh reality which says that eating an unhealthy diet may shorten your life span. If you remind yourself of your motivation when you want to give up, you’ll be less likely to actually throw in the towel.

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