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Nutrition practitioners around the world are seeing patients every single day who suffer from chronic diseases. These patients are experiencing increased inflammation, metabolic disturbance, elevated autoimmune activity as well as energy deficits. In addition, they often have altered body composition as a result.

Many of these issues are connected to diet as well as nutrition. We are living in a time where over-consumption is ironically seen with undernutrition owing to diets which are devoid of nutrient diversity. These emerging nutrition insufficiencies are seen in both the developed and the developing world.

Modern nutrition science enjoys to pretend that it streamlines the age-old question of what you should. In reality, most of us are now more confused than ever. If you’re sick tired of sifting through contradictory advice about optimal eating plans, it’s time to adopt a different framework- functional nutrition.

It’s First Necessary To Understand Functional Medicine

In order to really understand functional nutrition, it’s first necessary to understand the concept of functional medicine.

The term ‘functional medicine’ refers to an approach to treating health conditions as well as preventing disease through the process finding the root cause of your health challenges.

However, instead of rather than stamping you with a diagnosis – and only treating your symptoms – functional medicine doctors attempt to find out WHY you have the diagnosis. They will perform an in-depth assessment in order to look at ALL of your body systems (not just the one which is causing symptoms) and evaluate how well your body is communicating with the various parts of it.

In this way, functional medicine supports a systems approach to health care which takes into consideration how connected every single part of the body is. This health-care strategy seeks to look at the big picture of health by restoring physiological functioning.

Putting Your Nutrition Under The Microscope

Functional nutrition is the process of considering every single aspect of a person’s health, diet as well as overall lifestyle when providing them nutrition recommendations.

With functional nutrition, symptoms are seen as clues for diagnosing your primary health problems, whether they are related to diet, illnesses, medications, lifestyle factors, exposure to toxins, antibiotic use, or other factors.

What Steps Are Involved In The Functional Nutrition Process?

In most cases, a functional nutrition approach requires dieticians to follow a sequence of steps in order to determine what dietary changes their client will best benefit from. While these steps tend to vary significantly, they usually include the following:

  • Thorough evaluation of previous medical history
  • Review of organ systems
  • Review of medication as well as supplement history
  • Review of current diet and lifestyle habits
  • Review of previous medical testing and results
  • Nutrient test to gauge potential deficiencies.

From these results, the functional nutrition practitioner works to develop a customisable programme which targets the cause of these health problems. Program options may include suggestions for eliminating processed foods or entire food groups such as gluten or dairy.

Sometimes it’s recommended to take a supplement in order to improve digestion or encourage the establishment of beneficial bacteria. At other times they will teach their client the best way of controlling lifestyle factors, such as learning how to handle stress or better manage their nervous system impulses.

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