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The Chemical Diet goes by the principle of pairing foods that work together in order to cause a chemical reaction to increase metabolism as well as create a fat-burning effect. Anecdotal sources say that the Chemical Diet is an easy way to lose up to 6.4 kg in just one week. It’s popular among some dieters who are looking for fast results. However, some individuals say that it’s unhealthy, unsustainable as well as ineffective.

How Does The Chemical Diet Work?

The diet is founded on the chemical constituents of particular food combinations, which are believed to amplify results as well as boost fat burning. Proponents also say the diet reduces blood sugar levels and supports better long-term blood sugar control. While there’s limited information available on the origins or history of the diet, it often appears on blogs and weight loss forums. However, there’s no research on the diet and little to no evidence available to support its claims.

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Why You Should Be Cautious

As the Chemical Diet is based theoretically on the chemical balancing of food, there is no substituting on this diet. If you do not like a particular food, it is best to avoid this type of diet. If certain foods need to be consumed on these very strict menus then it needs to be eaten, like it or not. Alternatively, you can do without.

Owing to the restrictions of the menus – as well as the low-calorie count – the Chemical Diet is very difficult for most individuals to follow. If you can follow the diet, you will undoubtedly lose weight  not because of the combining of food but rather because of the low calorie intake.

On this diet, the calorie count per day is extremely low – usually ranging from 850 to 1 000 calories daily. Low-calorie diets are only used by doctors when a patient is extremely obese. The Chemical Diet will tell the dieter to follow the diet for three to four days and then eat a normal healthy diet for between three and four days, then return to the diet menu and keep repeating the process until you achieve ideal weight loss.

A healthy adult could follow the Chemical Diet and probably not have any serious health complications if the diet is merely followed very short term. However, but this is not recommended. Consult with a doctor and discuss diet goals with them before starting any diet.

The Chemical Diet is a fad diet in which you follow a specific meal plan for one week per month. Although the diet is straightforward and may cause weight loss, it’s likely to lead to weight regain and other negative health effects in the long run. It’s also overly restrictive and unsustainable and may increase your risk of nutritional deficiencies over time.

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