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It’s no secret that fad diet plans have a tendency to backfire. Creating new healthy habits is what heads up lasting change and well-being for life. Enter the Noom diet. This is a weight-loss app and personalised meal-planning service which turned out to be one of the most Googled diets in 2019.  While it’s absolutely trendy, the Noom diet is all about making long-term changes in order to achieve your weight-loss goals.

What Makes The Noom Diet Different?

Noom claims to be the last weight-loss programme that you’ll ever need. It’s like having a personal trainer, nutritionist as well as health and wellness coach all in one place, in other words your phone.

Where the Noom diet differs from other apps, however, is its concentration on making behavioural changes surrounding dieting as well as weight loss. The Noom app will show you, for instance, the best foods to eat as it arranges them on a range from green to yellow and red.

Noom does a great job of not encouraging fear around certain foods but rather taking an educational approach to assist its users to understand how to make balanced choices as well as why they recommend certain foods over the others. The Noom app also prompts you to read titbits on healthy habits and rate your motivation. It will quiz you after.

What Can You Eat On The Noom Diet?

The Noom diet recommends that you focus on natural weight-loss foods which provide energy as well as leave a person feeling contented without providing too many calories. Examples include foods that have a high water content because they are satiating.

A person should make sure that their diet is providing them with the following:

  • A variety of macronutrients, such as protein as well as carbohydrates
  • A range of micronutrients, which consist of vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants
  • A limited amount of healthy or unsaturated fat

Suitable foods on the Noom diet include:

  • Fruits, for example, grapefruit, cherries, berries, Pink Lady apples, nectarines, banana as well as watermelon.
  • Vegetables, comprising green leafy vegetables, peppers, onions, cucumber as well as mushrooms.
  • Protein-rich foods, for example, lentils, beans, eggs, fish as well as chicken.

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The Noom diet also advises people to eat so-called superfoods, which are nutritionally dense. These include:

  • Spinach
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Blueberries
  • Pine nuts
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa

People on the Noom diet may also find the following to be helpful for weight loss:

  • Tracking all food intake using the app
  • Drinking green tea and plenty of water
  • Avoiding processed foods and added sugars
  • Eating breakfast every day
  • Exercising regularly

As Noom does promote habit formation and there are some real as well as substantial benefits to the behaviour-change-for-life systems that is used to help guide you. Your success on the Noom diet will ultimately depend on how consistently you follow the programme, utilise their coaches, and engage with their daily content.

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