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Have you ever watched someone on your Instagram stories documenting their workout? You might have seen the must-have tool that people are gravitating towards for the ultimate cardio and muscle-sculpting working: the battle ropes. Battle rope training has become a popular workout move in recent years because of its many benefits. So, if you want to get started with battle ropes here’s a guide to what they are, what their benefits are, and how to use them.

What Are They?

If you haven’t seen battle ropes before, they are large and heavy ropes that are anchored to a single point. For most workouts with them, you hold one in each hand and use dynamic movements to exercise different muscles and build strength.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of battle ropes are multiple! You can work many different muscle groups with various moves: mainly your chest, arms, and shoulders, but also your back as a secondary muscle group, as well as legs and core as you stabilise yourself. They are also a great option for those looking for an intense full-body workout that is low impact, giving you the experience of endurance running or other intense workouts without the same wear and tear. Battle ropes (while working your whole body) are a rare upper body-focused workout that improves cardiorespiratory fitness – which will help to improve your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory endurance. Lastly, they’re fun! It’s a very different kind of workout for a lot of people and the excitement and challenge of something new can add a level of fun to your workout routine.

How To Get Started

The battle ropes might be intimidating to a beginner, and they are not for the fainthearted. Like all other workout techniques, it is important to focus on techniques, learn what you’re doing, and practice – do not go too hard too fast. The battle ropes look easy when you watch someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s just waving a rope around right? In fact, it is much more about technique and specific movements. Here are two basic moves to start off with:

  1. Battle Rope Waves

  • Standing with feet hip-width apart bend your knees slightly, and keep your back straight.
  • Holding a rope in each hand, engage your core, and alternately wave the ropes up and down. Try not to move your body as you do so, only your arms.
  • Try and keep going for at least 30 seconds, to begin with, and slowly work up to longer sessions.
  1. Battle Rope Slams

– Standing with feet hip-width apart bend your knees slightly, and keep your back straight.

  • Holding a rope in each hand, engage your core, and slam the ropes up and down simultaneously.
  • This is an intense move and should be dynamic; allow your body to move along with the movement. Again, try to go for 30 seconds at the start before building up to longer sessions.

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 So many more moves and workouts can be performed with battle ropes, all of which can help to build muscle, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. If you want to learn how to use battle ropes for yourself then you need to do our Battle Ropes Course. Follow this link for more information.

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