What are the Advantages of a Life Coaching Career

life coaching career
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A life coaching career – or even just having a life coaching certificate – can be extremely rewarding for you as it can help in your personal development as well as advancing your career. Take a look.

Taking on a Life Coaching career

What Advances will a Life Coaching Career Give You?

Being an accredited life coach will advance your career in so many aspects. Expert life coaches outline a couple of career benefits:

“If you enjoy developing yourself and understand the value of ongoing learning, you’ll enjoy being a coach because you’re in an environment that encourages growth. Because your coachees are on a fast track, your pace is naturally accelerated as you learn from each other. It’s that simple … When you feel better at the end of a day than you did at the start of the day, joy is likely present. Coaching invigorates both parties – thanks to synergy, it creates energy, and becomes even more joyful.”

Being a life coach isn’t life being a therapist. A therapist – patient relationship is very one sided. The goal of the relationship is for the patient to come up with the solutions themselves while the therapist is there as merely a guide.

Coaching – says life coach Sharon Good – is completely different:

“Coaching primarily focuses on helping you achieve specific goals through taking action and developing constructive behaviors, rather than on healing psychological issues. It focuses more on the present and future than the past. It is about generating possibilities and moving through any blocks or obstacles, rather than healing deep-seated emotional issues and traumas.”

life coaching career

How Much will A Life Coaching Career Earn You?

The great thing about a life coaching career is that you don’t have to give up your day job in order to earn a decent salary in this field. You can offer life coaching sessions after hours or over weekends. You also don’t have to be limited to geographical locations when looking for life coaching clients. Thanks to Skype you can be sitting in one part of the world while coaching a person in a totally different part of the world!

In terms of how much you can earn, life coaches can earn upwards of R1 000 per hour and that’s just the starting point! How much you make depends on how hard you work. Life coaching is the ultimate in entrepreneurial careers.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certificate is the best way to start your life coach career. Modules include everything from life coaching basics such as how to assess your client in a sensitive manner, career counselling and wellness coaching to how to build your life coaching business.