5 Ways To Become Known In The Fitness Industry

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The fitness industry is growing, fast. So there’s really never been a better time to be a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. But this is precisely why the fitness industry is becoming so competitive – there are so many fitness professionals out there, it’s really difficult to become a household name.

It’s no wonder that fitness professionals lie awake at night, pondering the best way to become well-known and successful.

We asked industry leaders to share their strategies for success, and we’ve highlighted the most important ones. Enjoy!

How to make success as a Personal Trainer?

1. Identify your brand

What do all the most successful fitness professionals have in common? They think about themselves as the brand. They believe in personal branding, and have done a lot of work building that brand.

Take the time to understand your personal brand – who you are, what you stand for, what you have to offer clients, how that offering is unique, and why you deserve client loyalty.

2. Spend more on marketing

If you don’t market your brand (and your offering), nobody will know about it. Simple.

Invest as much time and money as possible marketing your brand. If you’re not a marketing guru, find someone who can help you along.  Marketing increases your exposure among your target clients and helps them understand why you are the best choice for them.

fitness industry

3. There’s a difference between features and benefits

In marketing terms, there’s a difference between features and benefits. The features of a foam roller are its shape, the materials it’s made out of, and it’s function. But its benefits include improved muscle recovery, better circulation, and so on.

When you market your brand, keep this in mind. Don’t spend all your time telling your clients about your features. Instead, focus on the benefits of your brand and your service.

Clients want to know what you can do for them, that you offer value for money, that you are unique, and that you get results.

You have competitors, and you need to convince target clients to favour you and your offering. And without the right marketing angle, you won’t get this right.

4. Woo your VIPs

We’ve spoken about the importance of retaining your clients – especially your VIPs. Make sure that all your communication with them reinforces the relationship between you two. What we mean by this is that you remind them of all the benefits you offer and you reward their loyalty. When you do it right not only will your clients commit to you, they’ll become spokespersons for your brand, referring their friends and family to you.

5. Nurture your brand

You’ve made it. You boast a healthy client base, you have a stellar reputation in the fitness industry and the magazines have started calling you for interviews and tips. It’s tempting to sit back now and revel in the glory of your success.

But the truth is that you have to work on your brand, continuously. You must invest in yourself, always developing yourself and improving your skills, knowledge, and experience so you can offer your clients the best. You also need to keep working on your communication with your clients so that they never forget you or the benefits of working with you. And you need to think carefully about your five-year plan so you have the vision to guide you. Set targets, set goals, and set plans in place.

Without this, you’ll fade into the background.

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