Will I Be Able to Do a Bootcamp Class with an Ankle Injury?

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A bootcamp class is a GREAT way to stay fit and in excellent shape. It’s also a fabulous way to exercise outdoors. What’s more, if you want to become a bootcamp instructors there are now even online bootcamp courses where you can follow from the comfort of your home! So, should you be attending bootcamp classes with an ankle injury – or any injury for that matter? Let’s investigate.

Bootcamp Classes and Kinesthetics

There’s no denying it. Bootcamp classes get you moving and on your feet. These exercise sessions are highly kinaesthetic in nature in that you’ll be doing a range of different bodily movements – probably to a beat and at a high tempo. A lot of bootcamp classes utilise aerobic steps, getting participants to step up and down in time to the music. This is a killer cardiovascular element but will require strong ankles.

Common Bootcamp Class Injuries

Due to the nature of bootcamp classes – especially the hardcore, almost militant ones – injuries do occur. Luckily, they’re hardly ever serious:

  • Ankle Strains

    This is usually caused by non-supportive footwear, tripping over equipment or incorrect landings. An ankle strain might put you out of the game for a while but, if it’s a sprain, you’re looking at a month or two of down time until you get yourself right again.

  • Lower Back Pain

    This is a common injury across most exercise disciplines, and occurs for a number of reasons. Common bootcamp class causes of back pain include lifting objects that are too heavy for you and having bad form. To avoid this you should always lift heavy objects by taking the brunt of the force on your legs.


Trifocus fitness academy - bootcamp class

  • Tendinopathy

    Otherwise known as inflammation of the tendons, tendinopathy affects the knees and the shoulders. This occurs due to incorrect form and muscle fatigue through repetitive movements.


  • Plantar Fasciitis

    A fancy name for foot pain, plantar fasciitis is a result of poor running form, repetitive pressure applied to the feet, and incorrect training shoes. We recommend getting a quality pair of running shoes before attending your first bootcamp class.

Should You Bootcamp with an Injury?

The short answer is no. The long answer involves you consulting your bootcamp class instructor and seeing if they’d be willing to go light on the footwork for a few sessions. Doing regular bootcamp exercises with a sore ankle will only make the problem worse. We’d recommend taking a break from bootcamping altogether for a bit, allowing your ankle to heal so you can come back strong and able.

Bootcamp Instructor Courses in South Africa

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