Do you Wear Special Shoes during Spinning Group Exercise Classes?

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If you’ve ever been to the gym, you might remember the sound of click-clacking as the group of spinning class students make their way to the showers. And now that you are considering taking spinning group exercise classes you’ll probably be wondering whether the spinning shoes are necessary. The short answer: YES!

Most all-purpose gyms have stationary bikes that allow you to wear your usual exercise trainers during a spinning class. You’ll just need to make sure that you strap your feet in tight so that you don’t slip out of the peddles when you’re standing up.  However, if you are looking at taking spinning group exercise classes seriously in the long-term it will be better to invest in proper spin shoes.

The science behind spin shoes

Spin shoes – or cleats, as they are known – have hard soles that more evenly disperse the weight across the bottom of your feet. They also clip into the pedals. This allows you to work your glutes and hamstrings more effectively when you pull up during the pedal stroke.

Running shoes’ flexible soles put unnecessary pressure on the forefoot when you push down. In addition, your quad will be overworked when you pull up.

Here are some other benefits of having spin shoes:

Your feet will stay in position

When you wear running shoes, your foot is only half in the pedal basket. This makes it easier for it to accidentally slip out.

With spin shoes, your foot won’t move forward or backward on the pedal.

This way, your foot won’t slip off and get caught on the bike, resulting in injury.

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If you wear soft running shoes you will get “hot spots”. This is when a particular area of your foot aches after riding for a while.

The stiff soles of the spin shoes disperse the pressure of the pedal over a larger area of your foot. The strain is taken away from the particular part of your foot to avoid developing these areas.

The mesh fabric of the shoes also allows for ventilation and there is enough room in the toe box to avoid grinding your toes against the shoe.

No laces

Spin shoes don’t have laces that can get caught in the chain or around the pedal. They are tightened with either velcro or a ratchet system.

They are lighter

Your spin shoes should be lighter than your running shoes. If you have the money to invest in spin shoes, you can get lighter shoes made from carbon fibre.  With the lighter shoe, your feet won’t feel as tired.

If you plan on taking spinning group exercise classes long term, it is a good idea to invest in the appropriate spin shoes. Not only do they make the ride a lot more comfortable, faster and more efficient, they are a lot safer. They can make the difference between a good spinning class and a great one!

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