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Technology is revolutionising the way we work and play. From business to communication to transport, technology has taken over. So why should client loyalty and relationships be any different?

Wearable technology is a trend that is quickly climbing the fitness-trend-ladder.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology includes devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches that you are able to wear throughout the day.

With fitness trackers, people are able to track their exercise progress and habits.

It records a person’s daily physical activity, along with other data relating to their fitness and health, like heart rate and calories burned.

Why it is beneficial for clients?

 Clients and customers are more results-driven and impatient than ever before. Fitness clients get especially frustrated when they look in the mirror and they can’t see the physical results of their exercise.

With wearable technology, clients are able to keep track of their progress and success. It enables them to take responsibility for their own fitness goals and progress. By being able to set their own goals and be constantly accountable for reaching them, clients are more motivated.

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 Why it is beneficial for trainers?

By equipping clients with wearable technology, personal trainers are able to track, adjust and customise each client’s experience based on their physical activity data. It arms trainers with the digital tools that are necessary to impact their clients’ lives in a greater, more personalised way.

Instead of following a pre-set workout, trainers can personalise each clients’ workout to their specific needs. They are also able to give personal feedback when clients are doing something wrong and adjust the workout if they see a client is struggling. This can make the client feel special and well looked after.

How it builds client loyalty

By creating a personalised experience for each client through their wearable technology, you build a very personal and trusting relationship with that client.

You make them feel capable enough to manage their own progress and success, while still providing them with the necessary insight and tips to achieve their goals. This way, you are working with them to reach their goals instead of instructing them to do so. No one likes to be told what they need to do!

However, clients do sometimes need an extra push. This is where wearable technology data and software programmes are beneficial. They enable the trainer to customise and manage a client’s push notifications based on their activity level. It also improves the client and trainer’s ability to schedule appointments with each other.

Trainers are also able to monitor when clients are getting discouraged and wanting to leave. They can reach out to their clients by sharing motivational training tips, offering discounts, free consultations and more to get them back onto track.

When clients feel that their trainers are invested in helping them reach their goals, they are more willing to build a lasting relationship. Helping them create healthy habits by monitoring their progress and providing feedback based on their personal data can create loyalty. By holding them accountable for their success, trainers are also motivating them to keep on working out.

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