Personal training moves you can do behind your desk

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Personal training moves you can do behind your desk

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With the economy as it is today, we’re all working harder and harder. No longer do we work eight hours a day – we’re working over weekends, in the evenings and on public holidays just so that we can make ends meet.

The detrimental effect of this is that we don’t get a lot of time to exercise. This lack of physical activity doesn’t just affect your health and physical appearance; it can have a direct impact on your work performance and employee engagement:

  • 60% of employees said their time management skills, mental performance, and ability to meet deadlines improved on days they exercised
  • 27% of employees reported higher levels of “dealing calmly with stress” on days they exercised
  • 41% of employees reported higher rates of “feeling motivated to work” on exercise days

The benefits of regular exercise are clear. However, with us being chained to a computer more often than not, how do we balance needing to work long and arduous hours with still remaining fit and healthy?

Office workouts decoded

If you are experiencing trouble with remaining fit as well as healthy at work, there are office exercises which you can do that are a great way to help you keep your body moving while you’re at your desk. These exercises involve stretching as well as strengthening your body. The best part about these moves is that you can do them from the comfort of your office chair. The series of exercises doesn’t replace traditional strength training, but it offers you a way to assist you with keeping your body moving if you are unable to get away from your desk.

Short bursts of aerobics, strength exercises as well as stretching in between conference calls or whatever else you’re doing can assist you with improving your fitness levels in addition to the health of your heart. These types of exercises may just improve strength and – best of all – burn a few extra calories to boot.

So, what we’ve done is put together a list of personal training moves that you can do from behind your desk. Let’s get desk exercising!

Neck opener

The neck opener stretch may assist with counteracting the tension that frequently comes with being seated in front of a computer screen all-day-long.

To do this stretch, sit on your desk chair. Make sure that your spine is straight as well as that your feet are flat on the floor. Tilt your right ear in the direction of your right shoulder. Reach your left fingers toward the floor and then look down towards your right shoulder. Keep the tilt of your head and hold for one second. After this, turn to look up at the high left diagonal. Repeat five times and then do this on the other side.

Side sparkler

If you’re sitting for the majority of your workday, the chances are very good that your intercostals (the muscles which help your ribs expand as well as  contract when you’re breathing) in addition to your obliques may need a dynamic.

To perform the side sparkler, stand up tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Have a gentle bend in your knees and make fists with both of your hands. Bend your elbows into your waist and lean your torso to your right as you reach your left arm overhead and your right arm towards the floor.

As you reach, open your fists and spread your fingers wide. Close your fists and bend your elbows as you come upright to pass through centre. Reverse and repeat. Breathe into your ribs and palms for about 20 reps.

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