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Walking and running are extremely healthy activities. However, it is vital that you know the rules of thumb of pedestrian safety. This is especially true if you are running or walking in an area where there aren’t sidewalks or paths which are separated from the road. You should always make a point of observing traffic safety rules as well as additional guidelines that will assist you with staying safe when you are walking and running in public areas.

7 Tips To Help You Stay Safe

If you’re a runner, and prefer hitting the roads as opposed to the treadmill, here are a number of tips which will help you stay safe.

  1. Plan a progressive running program in order to prevent injuries. A five-minute warm-up (which should increase your temperature by one degree) that is followed by stretching exercises, is vital before starting a run.


  1. Begin your run with the body feeling ” a little cool ” as body temperature will increase when you begin your running routine.


  1. Keep in minds that you need to drink some fluid prior to running as well as every 20 – 30 minutes along your route.

  1. When you’re well into your run, if you become dizzy, nauseated, have dry skin or the chills…stop running immediately. Try get a drink. If you are not feeling better after this, get help immediately.


  1. If you suffer from a heart or respiratory problem, or you are on any medication, consult with your medical practitioner about running in the heat. In addition, if you have a history of heatstroke/illness, run with extreme caution.


  1. Children should limit their running in the heat owing to their lower heat tolerance.


  1. At high altitudes, runners should gradually acclimate themselves to lower oxygen levels, by slow, steady increases in speed and distance.


Walk In Single File On The Road

Unless you are on a sidewalk that is separated from the road, or you are in a wide bike/pedestrian lane, you should be walking in single file. This is especially important on a road which has lots of curves and where traffic has only half a second chance of seeing you before colliding with you.

Walking in a group can also cause you to get distracted by conversations so that you are not paying appropriate attention to traffic or road signs. While it can be fun to walk down the road two to three abreast and chatting merrily, drivers don’t expect it and, as a result, you may lose your best walking mates.

Keep It Bright

You need to make sure that you wear bright, fluorescent or reflective clothing so that you can be easily picked up by other road users. This is especially when it is dark. If you make use of reflective materials, these can be seen by drivers – who are using headlights – up to three times further away.

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