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One of the most common motivations for heading off to the gym and exercising your heart out is to burn fat. However, if you don’t absolutely adore exercising, chances are exceptionally good that you won’t want to spend any more time on the treadmill or on the bike than you certainly have to in order to get rid of a few of those excess kilograms. If you fall into this category you probably want to clue yourself up on the most effective fat-burning moves and exercises.

If you’ve just started on your fitness journey, and fat loss is your ultimate goal, it’s extremely easy to get tricked into eating too little in addition to training too hard to try and tone up. However, sweating it out at the gym five days a week could put the brakes on, as opposed to increasing, your progress.

Why too much exercise is bad for you

A recent study observed 3 175 men and women over 25 years of age. It looked into the relationship between working out and atherosclerosis. (This disease refers to  the fat which accumulates in arteries that can lead to heart attacks.)

This investigation showed that white men who surpassed three times the suggested guidelines of exercise were at an increased risk of fat building up in their arteries by the time that they reached middle-age.

In addition to this, there is a stress reaction which is seen towards long distance as well as long-duration exercise. This is because your levels of cortisol are elevated for a long time. Reduce your cortisol levels after a long work out by practising stress-reducing meditation or yoga.

2 fat-burning moves recommended by personal trainers

Here are two fat-burning moves that are recommended by personal trainers.

Jumping squats (wide stance)

Feel the greatest burn by performing wide jumping squats. This movement targets the following muscles:

  • Glutes,
  • Calves,
  • Lower back, as well as
  • Hamstrings.

By being using a wide stance, your glutes are activated straight away and are pushed more than as opposed to a narrow squat.

How to perform the jumping squat:

  • Put your feet apart at a wider stance than your shoulders.
  • Make sure that all of your weight is targeted on your heels.
  • During the exercise make sure that the knees do not travel past your toes and squat down. As you rise up, jump as high as you possibly can.
  • After the jump, ensure that you land back in the starting position for the wide squat. Do the jump again.

The jumping squat is great for burning fat as the wide-stance nature of the squat is responsible for working a larger number of muscles as opposed to the more traditional narrow squat.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is a classic exercise however it is likely to be a welcomed change in your exercise routine. This type of exercise brings with it a host of benefits, which include an increased calorie burn, owing to their aerobic total-body workout magic.

How to perform the jumping jack:

  • Start by standing with your feet pressed together with your knees slightly bent. Ensure that your arms are at your sides.
  • Jump while raising your arms above your head as well as separating your legs in a wide fashion.
  • Land deliberately on the ground with your feet wide as well as your arms overhead.
  • Repeat the jump. Bring your feet together as well as lowering your hands.
  • Land in a slight squat and then repeat.

Simple but effective, these old-school classic exercises are an effectual addition to any workout. The reason why these moves are effective fat burners because they’re an aerobic form of exercise which will up your heart rate, burn calories as well as shed fat.

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