The problem with many personal training certifications

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Perhaps you’re in this situation:

  • You’ve just finished school and your parents are pressuring you to choose something to study, OR
  • You’ve been in a job for a couple of years and are tearing your hair out because you don’t like what you’re doing anymore.

If one of the above two statements describes you to a T and you’re passionate about keeping fit and healthy – so much so that your friends and family come to you and ask for advice about how they can do the same for themselves – then you should really consider becoming a personal trainer.

Now, there are tonnes of personal training certifications out there. So, how do you choose which one to go for?

Overpromising and underdelivering 

Some of the fitness colleges that offer these certifications will promise you the moon and the stars – for a fraction of the price – however, when you get down to your studies, the material that is offered doesn’t really say much. In actual fact, you’ll find that what you’re taught you can easily find on the Internet with some basic searches on Google.

A proper personal training certification will cover everything that you need to know about being a personal trainer. It will teach you about anatomy, physiology, exercise programme design right down to how to market yourself as a personal trainer using digital mediums such as social media. Because being a personal trainer is not just about teaching someone how to exercise properly – it’s also about knowing how to run a successful business.

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Not worth the paper that it’s printed on

Another big problem with many personal training certifications is that they are not endorsed by any well-recognised fitness institutions. This means that when you go to a potential employer or a prospective client, looking for work, they’ll have a look at your qualification and will ask: “So, why does this certification qualify you to be a trainer?” In fact, they probably won’t give you a second thought.

So, if you’re serious about becoming a personal trainer that everyone wants to go to, you need to get a certification that is backed by a body such as CATHSSETA. This shows people that you know what you’re talking about and that they can trust the instruction that you give them.

No international ties

The beauty about being a personal trainer is that it’s a very portable qualification. This means that if it’s your heart’s desire to travel the world, you can find jobs as a personal trainer while you see these amazing foreign cities.

A lot of personal training certifications out there aren’t internationally recognised which means that you will probably be able to only work in South Africa. This means that when you choose your course you need to find one that people from around the world know about and trust so that you’ll land that job which you’re destined to have.

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