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There are so many unique titles when it comes to professionals who work in the health and fitness world. It can be quite complicated to keep a track of who does what as well as what kind of coach you need. However, it is crucial to know the difference in order to get the most benefit for you!  Health and fitness brilliance is such a personal journey – it is never a one-size-fits-all model.  Knowing and understanding the difference between a fitness coach vs. a personal trainer is an important distinction.

What Is The Difference Between A Fitness Coach And A Personal Trainer?

A personal training coach has been trained and is hired by someone else in order to provide advice and instruction on health, diet as well as wellness. It is about presenting an opportunity that the clients are able to look forward to and leave feeling energised and satisfied. A personal trainer knows enough regarding the human body in order to produce results. That is, you have a good understanding of how to apply tension in a which makes a client lose weight, improve stamina or – alternatively – develop in an area which is important to the client.

A fitness trainer is someone who helps others develop their fitness. They are usually hired to work inside a single gym, providing assistance to participants and also sometimes being the first person to bring them around after their induction.

Fitness trainers will spend time conversing with participants and providing guidance as well as assistance. Also, they can cover some community exercise classes if they are eligible. They will then call members every few weeks and offer to refresh their curriculum as well as do a health check.

How To Be Become a Fitness Coach

Decide if you’ll be a group fitness instructor, teaching things such as indoor cycling, step aerobics or boxing. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll be a personal training coach who only works with individual clients. Choose if you want to work in a class setting, work one-on-one, or even do both. Pick a specific type of fitness.

Most professional fitness certifications, such as those offered by Trifocus Fitness Academy, offer certifications for several different specific kinds of fitness. For instance, a group fitness instructor might take the Trifocus Fitness Academy Gym Instructor Course, while a personal trainer could attain their certification through our Personal Training Diploma.

If you’re a group fitness instructor, you’ll choreograph movements for your own classes. A fitness coach who only works with single people at once will need knowledge regarding how to put together a fitness plan that is based on one individual’s fitness goals, meaning knowledge about different types of fitness goals is desired.

What Does A Fitness Coach Do?

Here are instances of responsibilities from real fitness coach resumes representing typical tasks which they are likely to do in their roles:

  1. Instruct – as well as lead – Zumba classes in a safe as well as organise environment to assist others meet and go beyond their fitness goals.
  2. Direct a lifestyle intervention programme which consists of intensive training in diet, physical activity as well as behaviour modification.
  3. Maintain account details as well as oversee cash and POS system management.
  4. Train new employees on sales tactics and a point-of-sale (POS) system.
  5. Become certified in CPR – as well as first aid to attend correctly to health issues of participants.

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If you want to become a fitness coach, the education requirements are for you to do Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Gym Instructor Course. Follow this link to find out more.

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