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Exercises, as well as exercise routines, don’t fall into straightforward categories such as “good” or “bad”. However, many people – especially when they are first starting an exercise regime – have some fairly bad exercise habits that, over time, could lead to an injury.

Everyone has a completely different level of tolerance and fitness, so while training it is essential to keep in mind that what is safe for one individual might cause an injury in another. Generally, high-risk exercises necessitate more fitness and skill in order to be done safely. Plyometric exercises, for example, are fabulous for building explosive power however these types of exercises only work well for a highly trained person who is using perfect form. When performed by a beginner with restricted skill or fitness, plyometrics can result in a number of injuries.

While it’s best to learn about safety with respect to exercise from a certified personal trainer, it is also essential to use common sense and steer clear of exercises that aren’t right for your fitness level. Listen to the message that your body is giving you. When in doubt, back off. You will always be able to increase your intensity during your next workout.

Here are four common exercise mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Working through pain

Pain is your body’s way of informing you that something is wrong. Disregarding this message and pushing on is the quickest way to get a severe or chronic injury. Although it seems clear to stop if you feel pain many athletes continue to exercise with pain. Don’t. if you feel pain cease what you are doing and rest.

  1. Forgoing rest days

Any exercise routine which lacks rest days is potentially dangerous. A significant number of sports injuries are the consequence of overuse. These injuries occur from merely performing too much exercise. To dodge overuse injuries balance rest days with sessions of exercise in order to allow the body to cover from the stress of training.

  1. Doing only one type of exercise

Performing the same exercise day after day may help you to become very skills at a sport but it is an additional way to end up with an overuse injury. Stressing the same muscle groups as well as doing the same movement patterns frequently can put a huge amount of strain on muscles, tendons as well as ligaments so causing irritation, inflammation and even stress fractures. Even if you effectively avoid an overuse injury you may end up with muscle imbalance, weakness, tightness in addition to alignment problems. To avoid these problems vary your exercise training routine. Perform a variety of different types of exercises and cross-train.

  1. Performing uncontrolled or sloppy movements

Sloppy or uncontrolled movements occur for a variety of reasons including fatigue lack of appropriate skill, going too fast or a lack of attention when you are exercising it’s essential to be in control l f your body. Sloppy execution or poor control is a set-up for injury. Even the safest exercise can become unsafe when done in an uncontrolled manner.

Are you putting in tonnes of effort but are not seeing the results you want? You may be making some of these prevalent gym mistakes. Take a good look at your workout routine and fix this fitness faux-pas to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout.

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