How a personal trainer may help you with your fitness goals

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A personal trainer is the bees knees in terms of fitness professionals. These guys have studied for years and years. They have been mentored by the best personal trainers in the business. This means that they’re the finest people out there to assist you with meeting your fitness goals.

There are specific methodologies that are approved by personal trainers to assist you with achieving your fitness goals. Here are a couple of them.

Evaluate where you’re at

When you make the decision to engage the services of a personal trainer, the first thing that he or she will do is to evaluate your current levels of fitness. They do this so that they are able to determine where you’re at in terms of your fitness as well as if the fitness goals that you want to achieve are reachable given the timelines that you’ve set in order to achieve your particular goals.

Speaking about fitness goals, a personal trainer will assist you with determining if your fitness aims can actually be achieved. To do this, the personal trainer will evaluate your goals are in line with the S.M.A.R.T acronym. The fitness professional will look at:

  • If your goals are detailed,
  • If what you want to achieve is quantifiable,
  • If you have you set out goals which are achievable,
  • If your goals are realistic, and
  • If you’ve set a specific period of time in which your goals will be achieved.

Plan a training routine

After your personal trainer has assessed where you are in terms of your current fitness levels, they will devise a training routine that will assist you in meeting your fitness goals. When looking at what routine is best for you, your personal trainer will look at several aspects such as:

  • What are your physical capabilities?
  • What exercises do you enjoy doing?
  • How much time can spend exercising?

With the responses to these questions in mind, your personal trainer will be able to put together a fitness plan that works for you. If you don’t feel that the programme – which has been designed for you – works, tell your personal trainer! They are not a mind reader. It’s your call to tell them if the exercise programme that they’ve devised is actually working for you.

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Your personal trainer will regularly monitor you during your exercise routine. This is to see if you’re managing with the weights that they’ve set for you in addition to keeping pace with the routines. If they see that you’re not coping, they’ll change up the sequence.

Your personal trainer will also be looking at if you’re embracing the proper form when performing the exercises that they’ve set out for you. This is because if you have the incorrect form or are lifting weights which are too heavy for you, it will be more likely that you’ll injure yourself.


To achieve your health as well as fitness goals, it is necessary that you are consistent in your exercise programme. You can’t do a frantic gym session once a month and then believe that you’re going to look like a supermodel. Your personal trainer is vital to helping you sustain your levels of consistency in exercise. He or she is there in order to motivate you to keep pushing. This means that when you decide on a personal trainer, you need to make sure that their particular brand of motivation fits in with you. You also need to ensure that it will help to keep you on track!

Advice on Nutrition

In addition to giving you the best exercise advice out, your personal trainer will look at what you’re eating. This is so that they can see if something that you’re taking in is preventing you from attaining  your health as well as fitness goals. Exercise and diet work symbiotically thus it’s impossible to reach your fitness goals just through exercise. You can’t be fit as well as healthy merely by manipulating your diet.

As we’ve said before, a personal trainer is a highly qualified as well as skilled fitness professional. They’ve gone to college for years upon years in order to ensure that they can help their clients achieve their fitness goals.

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So if you’re taking strain with achieving your own fitness goals, why not hiring personal trainer? With their own unique brand of motivation and fitness know-how, you’ll be well on your way to getting where you want to be! Want to hire the best personal trainer out? Have a look at personal trainers who’ve qualified with Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Personal Training Diploma.

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