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“You have between a 60 to 70% probability of selling to existing clients,” says Marc Schneider: operations director of Trifocus Fitness Academy. “This means that if you target new clients, you have between a five to 20% chance of selling to them.”

These statistics show that it is vital for you to maintain existing clients as they are a reliable source of income. This is all-the-more-true for professionals such as personal trainers. However, the question is how do you keep these clients coming back?

All this means is that you’ve got to work that much harder to make potential clients realise that you are the person that they need to entrust their well-being to. In addition, you’ve got to make sure that when people think of hiring a personal trainer your name is the one that they think of first.

We encourage you to set new standards in personal training by making sure that your clients remain loyal as well as by offering them with progressively better, more personalised service as your business relationship progresses and develops.

Provide the best service that you can

“As a personal trainer,” says Lisa Schneider: fitness guru and managing director of Trifocus Fitness Academy, “your aim is to ensure that your clients maintain the best physiques that they can. This means that you need to constantly be delivering results. If you can’t get this right, you’ll find that your clients will begin to look elsewhere.”

Thus, the first step towards maintaining your clients – as a personal trainer – is to ensure that you deliver the best possible service that you can. Don’t give your clients an excuse to look to your competitors for personal training services. Ensure that your clients are super satisfied with what you offer so that you’ll hold onto them for a long time.

Discover what your clients want the most

Through the process of observing as well as communicating with your existing clients or, alternatively those who are your ideal clients – you can get all the information that you need in order to find out what your clients actually want such as customer support, an easy way to access workouts in addition to nutrition advice.

Make clients feel special

One of the basic needs of human beings is to know that they belong as well as that they matter. Translated into customer service, this need means that to retain your customers you need to ensure make that they feel they matter to you. For example, send them personalised eating plans or send them motivations that are designed specifically for them.

Always be groundbreaking

As a personal trainer, one of your most significant challenges is to motivate your clientele so that they keep on exercising. Around 1 January, you’ll probably find that there are loads of people who want to start with personal training. However, they will probably lose interest by February or March. The task for personal trainers is finding out how you keep them coming back.

A possible solution is to carry on being innovative with your routines. Challenge your clients’ comfort zones. Keep them guessing. Don’t let them become used to a hum drum workout routine from you so that they may adopt the belief that they can do what you do themselves. Keep yourself essential and ensure that they see the value of your innovative routines every time they have a session with you.

Create value for your clients

Clients will remain with you if they still can see value in what you offer. Reinvesting time as well as  resources into the services you provide to your current customer base will increase the likelihood that they will remain with you. So if the cost of obtaining new clients is five times the cost of maintaining current ones, a bare minimum of 20 percent of the time and budget for marketing should be focused on your current clients.

Be flexible with your clients

If money or time becomes a challenge for a client, you’ll be faced with the choice of keeping a part of the client’s business or none of it. To counter this, have alternative training services such as fewer sessions per week, exercise programme design, a hybrid of the two, online training or group classes. It is not ideal, or not as near profitable, but it will keep the customer within the fold. This means that they will be more likely to move back to higher-income services when and if his or her situation changes.

How do you get new personal training clients?

Apart from maintaining your existing personal training clients, you need to be always getting new clients. Don’t be discourage if you don’t get tonnes of them. This doesn’t mean anything. What makes a different is that you make a concentrated effort to get new people that you can sell your existing and new services to.

One of the best ways that personal trainers can make use of in order to get more clients is social media. These platforms have revolutionised the way that we market and communicate. The great thing about this is that social media is almost free to use. The only money that you would have to invest in it initially is your time. This means that for the personal trainer who’s starting up his/her own, social media is a great way to get started.

There are a whole host of other ways that you can use to get started  with respect to maintaining your clients as a personal trainer. You need to look at all the options and figure out what works for you. Only once you’ve done this can you make a call as to what marketing and customer retention strategy you need to adopt.

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