How EMS Training Gets Tangible Results In 20 Minutes A Week

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Reaching your fitness goals may feel impossible when your calendar is full and your to-do list continues to become longer and longer by the week. Imagine getting real results in far less time. It’s no longer a pipe dream anymore thanks to a ground-breaking bio-hack called Electromyostimulation (EMS) training. EMS training is the most efficient and effective way to train because you only need to put in 20 minutes once a week to see real results.

How Does EMS Training Work?

During conventional strength training, the brain transmits impulses that stimulate the muscles to contract. However, not all of your body’s muscles have a well-developed connection to your brain. Thus, the muscles are not activated quite as easily and – as a result – will not develop as well as they could.

EMS training stimulates all of the main muscle groups. EMS training also helps to grow the motoric nerve connections that relate to muscle movement. By sending electric impulses to these motoric nerves directly, even the weakly connected muscles are activated.

As the muscles are activated with the aid of EMS training, combined with custom workouts a more intense level of training is enabled from the start. This allows the creation of more muscle fibre at an accelerated rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy intake which therefore burns more calories, even at rest!

Trifocus Fitness Academy - EMS training

What Are The Benefits of EMS Training?

Getting fit – as well as exercising – isn’t as simple as just going to the gym as well as watching what you eat. That’s why a lot of people choose a personal trainer in order to guide them along the way. In recent years, science has increasingly explained how your body works as well as what it truly means to be healthy. You may be surprised to learn that EMS training delivers a broad range of health and fitness benefits.

Strengthens Muscles And Tones Body

With the electrodes being directly onto your body, it works each muscle group and makes sure that each collection of impulses works the targeted area on your body. EMS training delivers a full-body workout in every session, activating over 90% of the muscle fibres.

Rapid And Effective Weight Loss

Through the particular exercises offered by the EMS training system, you’ll rapidly burn up calories making this a wonderful way of shifting fat and losing the kilograms. Burn up to 2500 calories in just one session.

Reduce Cellulite And Increase Blood Flow

The EMS system produces faster blood flow to the targeted muscles – one of the greatest ways of decreasing cellulite in problem areas. It quickens blood circulation, so stimulating surrounding muscles, ridding your body of metabolic waste which will be dispersed and processed through the lymphatic system, which is your body’s natural filtration system.

Gentle On Your Joints

The EMS training system is one of the best ways to recover from injury as it places totally no strain on your joints and tendons. This is revolutionary for those who suffer from joint problems or injuries, who have previously found exercise to be difficult.

Improves Your Posture

Making use of a set of targeted electrodes, stimulation is generated throughout your spinal column, which has been demonstrated to help with back problems as well as posture. EMS will help your tight, overworked muscles and give them a chance to relax and then let go so that you are able to experience more movement and less pain.

Time Effective

Your time is valuable – too valuable to spend it on time-consuming and ineffectual training sessions. Push your weight loss and fitness goals with two 20 minutes of EMS training every week which is equivalent to between four and six hours of regular gym training.


EMS training is an ideal partner during rehabilitation as the electrical impulses are absolutely not putting any extra load on the joints. Thus, this training can also be applied in the case of some injuries. In medical applications the EMS devices have been safely used for decades.

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