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The world of social media provides infinite possibilities for fitness professionals. For example, you can use these platforms to develop a brand for yourself and so get yourself under the noses of potential clients. In our article, entitled How to Develop Yourself as a Fitness Brand on Social Media, we chat more about how fitness professionals can develop their personal brands using social media.

Facebook is arguably one of the most successful social media platforms out there. Having been started in 2004, the platform continues to enjoy exponential growth. For example, in the third quarter of 2018 Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly users. Only six short years before this, the number of users who made use of this platform on a monthly basis was 1 billion.

The amount of detail with which you can target potential clients is astounding. For example, you can target Facebook users who are in a particular geographical location and hold similar interests. As fitness clients prefer to use facilities near to where they live and/or work, this aspect offered by Facebook makes maximising your presence on this platform very powerful as you can target your ideal client with precision.

Using Facebook for your fitness business

Facebook is not just about posting

Social media is not just about making a few haphazard posts and expecting clients to come flocking to you. Deciding to use social media as a method of marketing your fitness business requires an investment from you both in terms of time and money. So that you don’t end up incurring massive losses we suggest that you plan your social media activities very carefully.

Decide on what your goals are

As with the goals you set for your clients’ health and wellness, the goals that you set for what you want to get out of the time that you spend on Facebook need to be S.M.A.R.T:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

If you develop S.M.A.R.T goals for your Facebook presence you’ll be more likely to end up attracting more clients – which is your ultimate goal.

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Examples of goals such as these that you can apply to your Facebook activities are:

  • I want to target people who live in a 5km radius of my gym.
  • I need to get 10 enquiries per week from people who are interested in training.
  • I am going to dedicate one hour per week to creating posts for Facebook. I am going to use a social media automation tool – such as Hootsuite – to help me save time.
  • I will measure the results that I get from my Facebook campaign, on a weekly basis, to see if I’m getting any traction.

Ads vs organic posts

Facebook has made it increasingly difficult to appear in peoples’ newsfeeds unless you take out an advertisement. In fact, they prefer to show users content from their friends as opposed to that from business pages that they follow.

This doesn’t mean that organic posts on Facebook no longer count for anything. However, you can’t rely on them solely to get the traffic and interest you need to generate in your fitness services.

Facebook has made their advertising solution extremely user friendly and affordable. You can tailor the campaign that you put together depending on your budget. For example, the less budget that you allocate to an ad the fewer times it will be shown to users. However, you’ll still be guaranteed a great-looking campaign which can rival the biggest of fitness brands.

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As you can see from the above, Facebook is a particularly powerful medium to market your fitness business on. Social media – as a whole – is an extremely vital skill for fitness professionals to have. This is why we – at Trifocus Fitness Academy – have developed our Social Media Management for Fitness Professionals Course. On it, we teach you – the fitness professional – how to navigate the wilds of social media and to make it successful for your business! Follow this link to find out more and to register!

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