How Important Is Strength Training For Cricketers?

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A cricket player’s fitness, as well as stamina on the pitch, is determined in accordance with what they do off the pitch. As a sport that is based on fast, powerful movements it is essential to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine so that you can improve your cricket game.

The game of cricket has historically been referred to as “the gentleman’s game.” Until about three decades ago, cricketers were definitely not the fittest athletes out there. Often it was remarked that physically-speaking, cricket is an easy game which necessitates that one stand on the cricket field for the majority of the day. In addition, it was felt that cricket required little running, jumping or even strength.

However, through the introduction of one-day cricket, the game has gone through significant changes. In addition, the physical demands which are made on a cricketer’s body have also increased dramatically. No longer can a batsman merely continue to defend away for overs as he often has to use his strength in order to hit big sixes.

The intricately developed levels of fielding, in the modern times, necessitate a player to have strong shoulders and arms so that they can make direct hits at the stumps. One look at the photo of a modern-day cricket player – and a player from the 60s – and you will notice the difference in the bodies of the two. The modern player is leaner, stronger as well as far more athletic!

How Fit Does Each Cricket Player Need To Be?

The areas – that require particular fitness attention – at each cricket position include the following:


The nature of this position requires that a bowler must have the ability to move explosively in the run-up to delivery. This is because a speedy runup will physically translate into a quicker delivery of the ball. Thus, the arm, shoulder, and core body strength and stamina are vital to delivering the ball repeatedly.


The fielder must be ready to react to the ball when it is hit. In addition, the fielder must be prepared to get to a ball, field as well as throw. This is all as a part of a game which may last six hours or more at one time. Speed of movement – in addition to agility – are critical to this position.


Brute muscular power is not a liability in this position however reaction time, batting technique, as well as balance at the crease, are of crucial importance. A batsman may be needed to maintain his position for several hours at a stretch. The cricket batting stroke banks on core strength, specifically in the abdominal and oblique muscle groups. The gluteal muscles, the upper arms and shoulders are included.

Thus a cricket strength and training programme will – of necessity – address anaerobic, aerobic, weight training as well as reaction time/coordination agility drills.

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