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If you’re looking to improve your speed for running or for other sports, one exercise you might want to look into is the Olympic Lift. Lifting and building muscle strength will help to improve your overall body endurance, which is important for improving your speed as running is a full-body activity. You might be thinking that you know about weight lifting and that it can’t be that hard to add Olympic Lifts into your routine. However, it is important to note that Olympic Lifts are not as simple as any other lift.

What You Need To Know About Olympic Lifts

Unlike other lifts, Olympic Lifts require you to know the proper technique to perform them correctly and obtain the results that you want without injuring yourself. An Olympic Lift requires intense amounts of force used for very short periods of time and therefore you need to know what you are doing. While you could be shown how to do another kind of lift, such as a bicep curl, and you would be able to copy it quite easily, the Olympic Lift requires the mastering of the technique before you even begin to add weights.

What Are Olympic Lifts?

Olympic Lifts are lifts that involve lifting heavy weights on a bar in short bursts very quickly. You might have seen Olympic athletes perform these lifts, managing to lift extreme weights over their heads for short periods of time. They require a lot of knowledge, strength, and coordination to pull off safely and therefore, should only be performed after training and with supervision. There are several types of Olympic Lifts, such as the clean-and-jerk (that involves lifting a barbell from the ground and lifting it up onto your shoulders, then squatting briefly before standing up straight) and the barbell snatch (a move in which you raise a barbell from the floor up over your head in one motion).

How Can Olympic Lifts Improve Speed

Obviously, Olympic Lifts require incredible strength, mobility, balance, and practice, but how can they help you to improve your speed:

  • They are a full-body experience, which means that you are engaging with and have to be aware of each and every single part of your body as it moves. This helps to connect your better to your body and its movements (however small), which will carry over into other areas such as running or playing sports.
  • As they require you to shift large amounts of weight in a very specific motion in short moments of time, you are training your body to improve its reaction time while building incredible strength throughout your body.
  • Olympic Lifts connect you to your body’s general centre of mass, which controls your reaction and actions in terms of movement. Becoming aware of and practising how your body reacts to, and how it can act, changes in movement and stability will help to improve your agility when moving quickly at speed.

All of the advantages mentioned above come together to help you act and move when performing an activity that requires speed and agility. From mental awareness and improved reaction time to improved overall strength, Olympic Lifts will help you to improve your speed and your performance.

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