How many reps do I need to do in weight training?

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As muscles can be developed, strengthened and toned for a variety of different purposes, there are a number of different ways to exercise when you train with weights. usually, you’ll want to choose from the following three choices for each and every weight training exercise which you use in your workout routine.

Muscle size and power

As the term implies, the muscle power goal objective can be pursued if you feel that you want to achieve the maximum size in your muscles or, alternatively, if you want them to be explosively strong. (What this means is that you want in other words very powerful for short burst at a time.

In order to grow muscles in this way, you’ll want to make use of no more than three sets in which no more than eight reps are used. Muscle size, as well as power, is often used for muscles that are prominently displayed on the human figure such as pectorals or the biceps and triceps.

Muscle strength

The muscle strength objective is followed when you want your muscles to be effective when you do a high number of repetitions or, in other words, when you want your muscles to be strong for a prolonged time period.

You’ll want to use approximately four sets from which between 10 and 12 reps are done. The muscle strength goal is often used for muscles that are located in your back and your abdominals.

Muscle endurance

The muscle endurance objective is followed when you want your muscles to be able to do the same motions over a prolonged period of time or, in other words, if you want your muscles to be strong and not tire rapidly.

You’ll want to use at least four sets from which at least 16 reps are done. The muscle endurance goal is often used for muscles in your lower body such as those which are located in your legs or buttocks.

With time, you’ll come to an understanding of your personal strength curve as well as the relationship of weight to reps for every exercise that you perform. Writing your numbers down in a logbook will assist you with keeping a note of your reps and weights used. This is important as once you get stronger, you’ll want to lift increased weight in the exact same rep range. When building muscle, once you are able to do more than approximately 12 reps on a core lift, it’s time that you increase the resistance by about between 5 and 10 percent.

The weight you select along your strength curve should be in keeping with the number of reps you want to do. This will match your training goals. This means that your workouts should never be random and just decide to work out with any old weight. There is the best weight as well as an optimal number of reps that you should be doing. It is just dependent on which goal you want to prioritise!

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