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If you’re part of a gym or fitness club or, alternatively make use of home gym equipment, it’s important you know how to use these properly so that you won’t sustain any injuries. Overuse and misuse of cardio equipment are the causes of a high percentage of injuries that happen in the gym. So here are some tips on what to look for and how to use the equipment safely.

Step #1 with cardio equipment

Begin with a warm-up. If you prefer to do your entire cardio workout as soon as you arrive at the gym, after your strength-training, or a little before in addition to a little, after it’s advised that you always warm up for at least five minutes prior to performing any resistance training. Treadmills in addition to stationary bikes are great for a quick warm-up because you don’t need to really increase your heart rate at this stage.

Step #2 with cardio equipment

Jump on and start. With the exclusion of the treadmill, most cardio machines need you to start peddling or stepping before a read-out comes up which tells you that you’re the steps to get started.

When looking at the treadmill, start it up while you have your feet on the runners on both sides. Start the machine at a slow speed and hold the handle when you first start walking even if you are experienced. Increase the speed as well as incline as your progress.

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Step #3 with cardio equipment

Always make sure that you maintain proper form. In the case of the treadmill, that means standing upright with your abdominals muscles contracted. Make sure that your shoulders remain neutral and don’t let them round. Don’t allow your head to just flop forward. Your neck, back as well as pelvis should be aligned. Make use of the hand rails for support if you need to but don’t lean your weight on them. Warm up as well as cool down for about five minutes each. A lot of the cardio machines will go into these modes automatically.

The truth is that when it comes down to cardiovascular machines, it is not a matter of which one is best, which will burn the most number of calories, which offers the most comfort, which gives a good total workout, which mimics real activity, or which is less tiring. What matters is finding the best match for each unique individual and finding the perfect exercise which will keep people coming back.

Cardiovascular exercise is essential when it comes to maintaining general health and wellness. If you’re then a person who all your friends turn to for exercise advice and if you really enjoy interacting with others about exercise then you DEFINITELY need to become a personal trainer.

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