How regularly should you do cardio to create endurance?

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Cardiovascular exercise is a vital aspect of any workout routine and overall health. Endurance means different things to different people. In sports and exercise, it can refer to the ability to endure extended physical activity for long amounts of time.

To build endurance you need to combine cardio and strength training. If you build your leg muscles you will be able to propel yourself farther forward with each step you take when running. You will also be able to better absorb the impact when placing added stress on your joints.

How often to do cardio

 Gaining benefits from cardio is easy. A ten-minute run once a week can improve your mood greatly. But in order to experience the full benefits and increase endurance, you should do 150 to 300 minutes of cardio exercise, at moderate intensity, every week.

Combine strength training and cardio exercises

 The increased number of muscles you work at the same time, the more it challenges your heart and cardiovascular system. Cardio-only workouts will prevent you from building endurance. Introduce a few strength training days into your workout to build up your endurance.

More effectively, you can combine your strength training with your cardio exercises to get the best results. You can do a bench press, then jump rope for a minute followed by overhead press and then a few sprints.

Decrease your rest time between sets

 If you are aiming to build up greater endurance your rest times should be much shorter. You should only take a break when you physically feel like you can’t do more. Select a series of exercises to repeat one after the other for at least three rounds. For example, you can do ten squats, ten pushups, ten sit-ups and then jump rope. Repeat this circuit three times.

Fast-moving and high-intensity strength training

When using weights an extremely fast pace will improve your strength and endurance at the same time. This practice can really speed up your metabolism. Only doing endurance training slows down your metabolism so it doesn’t eat away at your muscle tissue.

Focus on more than one joint

 Compound movements are moves which demand that you use more than one joint at a time. A few compound moves are step-ups, pull-ups, squats and push-ups. These moves will increase your endurance levels more than exercises that only focus on one joint at a time. These exercises don’t stimulate a person enough to increase their stamina.

Switch up your workout routine

You need to change your workout to build endurance and stamina. After about two weeks your body gets used to a workout, which results in it not working as well as it used to anymore.

Explosive movements build endurance and stamina

 Explosive movements are moves that use a lot of energy and strength. These moves also use an abundance of endurance and stamina at the same time. You will notice that you can move faster with time as you do more explosive workouts. Explosive exercises include burpees, box jumps and short sprints.

Cardio and strength training should be combined to experience an impressive improvement in your endurance and stamina levels.  Want to learn more about exercise – the same as personal trainers do?

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