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Established by South African-born Johnny G, spinning (or indoor cycling) has been going since the 80s. Nevertheless, as opposed to other fitness fads it has remained in existence for the last 30-odd years.  The biggest explanation for this is its incredible capability to keep you cardiovascularly fit.

What are the forms of fitness?

Despite what you may think, being ‘fit’ doesn’t only mean that you aren’t out of breath when you run up the stairs. There are four types of fitness. It is possible for your to be physically fit in one areas however extremely unfit in another. The fitness types are:

  • Cardiovascular fitness,
  • Anaerobic fitness,
  • Flexibility, and
  • Muscle strength and endurance

Spinning works on enhancing your cardiovascular (or cardiorespiratory) fitness.  When your cardiovascular system is fit, your heart come to be more efficient at delivering oxygen to your muscles. As a result, this permits you to expend increased amounts of energy during your spinning session.

If you happen to be anaerobically fit, you can put out short bursts of energy – in one sitting – during your favoured sport or exercise. For example, sprinters need to be extremely anaerobically fit as they need to cover a particular distance in the shortest time possible.

If a person is flexible they can exercise a wide range of motion with their joints. For example, flexible person will be more likely to be able to touch their toes. A person who isn’t flexible will likely not get very far. Exercise modalities – for example Yoga and Pilates – allow one to enhance flexibility.

Muscular strength and endurance are developed with strength (resistance) activities. The greater the weight that is made use of, a muscle has to exert increased amounts of energy in order to lift it. As a result of this, the more well-defined it becomes. Weight training can be carried out using free weights as well as weight machines. Pilates is also a method of resistance training as, instead of using external weights as a form of resistance, the person uses their own body weight. Plyometric exercises, such as push-ups, work on the same principle.

It’s not only men who will profit from gaining muscular strength as well as endurance. Women will also benefits as training with weights helps to build lean muscle mass (which is responsible for burning fat and calories even while you’re at rest). In addition, lean muscle mass improves bone health as well as density.

It’s inaccurate that women will develop bulky muscles when doing weight training. There is the potential for women to bulk up in the same manner that men do, however they will have to work steadily at this. However, with moderate weight training, this won’t happen.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - spinning

Spinning is good for developing abdominal strength

People often have the impression that spinning is just about sitting on a stationary bike and pedalling furiously when the instructor issues the ‘command’ and slowing down when he lets you have a rest. However, when you stand up when you are pedalling, what assists with keeping your posture are your abdominal muscles. By the same token, this will help to keep your back flat as well as relieve any pressure that may be caused.

When you do a standing climb on your bike you’ll be developing a lot of strength in your upper body as you’ll be using your arms to balance you. However, ensure that you don’t apply more pressure than you should on your upper body. This is because if you do, your trapezius muscles (in other words, those muscles that you find rising up to your ears when you get stressed!) will take the brunt of it. As a result, you’ll find yourself going to the physio to relieve the tension.

Spinning is a fantastic and very effective exercise for you to develop cardiovascular fitness. However, don’t neglect other exercises because these will assist you with developing other aspects of fitness in your lifestyle. There are so many exercises that you can select from so if you don’t enjoy one type of exercise, don’t worry. There are many others out there to choose from.

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