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If you adore Pilates classes – just as we do – you may possibly want to take your practice of Pilates further and become a Pilates guru. There are several methodologies that you can adopt in order to make this dream a reality. Here are several of them.

Try out different forms of Pilates

To pursue your dream of becoming a Pilates guru, it is necessary for you to have as much experience as is possible in the exercise discipline. You also need to be totally au fair with the various pieces of equipment which are used in the practice of Pilates.

If you go to Pilates at your local gym, they probably won’t have as many pieces of equipment available that are used specialised Pilates studios. They will possibly only have mats, exercise balls and therabands. However, as we mentioned previously, a specialised Pilates studio will be able to offer you all the bells and whistles! These studio owners will have – on hand – reformers, barrels, chairs as well as cadillacs.

If you are able to get to such a specialised studio, we recommend that you go to a couple of the classes so that you can decide what Pilates exercises you like. A better alternative, for getting personalised care, you should really try and hire a private Pilates instructor. As the instructor’s attention is concentrated only on you, you’ll be able to get the best imaginable instruction that is tailor made for your needs.

Learn, learn and learn some more!

We’re not saying that your gathering knowledge of Pilates needs to stop when your session is over or when you class is done. If you would like to become knowledgeable about this form of exercise then you need to read up – as much as you possibly can – on the fundamentals of this discipline.

There are limitless resources on the Internet which will answer most questions that you may need answered about the discipline of Pilates. If these resources don’t give you the answers which you’re looking for, keep these in mind for the next time that you’re in class. This is so that you can ask your instructor. Alternatively, if he or she doesn’t know the answer, they will find it out for you. If they won’t do this, find another instructor who will!

Become a Pilates instructor

The best possible way for you to develop into a Pilates guru is to become a Pilates instructor. Be warned that there are hundreds upon thousands of fitness colleges out there who will swear that they will make you into the next Joseph Pilates.  This means that you need to do your homework very carefully about the fitness college you should choose. Ask questions such as the following:

  • What is covered in the Pilates course?
  • Where have past graduates gotten jobs?
  • Is the qualification accredited by a recognised Pilates body?

We can’t emphasise the last point enough. It’s absolutely essential to do a Pilates course that is backed by a reputable fitness body. This stamp of approval shows potential employers as well as clients that you are knowledgeable about the discipline. In addition, you’re showing them that clients will get quality Pilates training when they come to you. Our Pilates Certification Course falls into this category.

Becoming a Pilates guru is not a feat that happens overnight. It’s a lifetime journey that you will go on. In addition, it will teach you many things about others and, most importantly, yourself. The life of a Pilates instructor is not for everyone but – if you love doing and learning about Pilates – you won’t find a more satisfying career path!

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