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As an athlete, it is tremendously essential that you set goals for what you would like to meet. Achieving these goals can be a lot harder than setting them. It is crucial to set yourself a clear plan to achieve them.

Give it 100%

You won’t achieve your goals if you don’t apply yourself to what you’re doing with 100% effort. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Give it your all.


Committing to your goal means that, even if you know that it will be hard to achieve it, you will still put in everything you have to get to where you want.

When you are committed, you see sacrifice as necessary rather than an option. This means that you sometimes have to sacrifice your social life to put the time in to achieve your goal or sacrifice your eating habits to follow a nutritional diet.


When you have set a long-term goal, you need to see it through with self-discipline. This means you need to have a certain level of control over your own actions.

With self-discipline, you condition yourself to handle hard situations with what it takes to succeed.


Having a negative attitude towards what it takes to achieve your goal can set you back. It demotivates you. This is why it’s essential to have the right attitude and focus yourself.

Having the right attitude means you need to be serious about achieving your goal, accept the responsibility, and do it with enthusiasm.


When you are dedicated, you allocate every bit of energy and effort you have into your goal. This means you are highly motivated.

Being able to handle the bad situations in addition to enjoying the good ones will assist with giving you the drive and determination to dedicate yourself 100% to your fitness levels.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - athletic goals


It is impossible to achieve all the fitness and exercise goals you set for yourself immediately. But it’s vital that, when you fail, you don’t stop trying to make them.


Along with persistence comes poise. When you fail, compose yourself, take a step back and look at the problem realistically. Make changes to your goals to keep persisting with them.


It’s important to keep continuous track of your progress and goals at regular intervals. This means reading over your goals and seeing what you are achieving. If you are making good progress, you will be more motivated to continue. It also gives you the opportunity to look at where you’re lacking.


Surround yourself with people who are supportive as you try to reach your goals. They should be motivating you instead of distracting you from your goals.

Cut out the people who are taking time away from your efforts to achieve your goals.

You can’t reach your fitness and exercise goals if you don’t put in the effort that is necessary. This means you need to be determined, persistent, composed, dedicated and have self-discipline, the right attitude and the proper support.

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