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Many people avoid kettlebell workouts because of the awkwardness of the cast iron ball with a handle. They tend to stick to the more traditional weights, which are a lot easier to use. As experts have shown though, the harder the exercise, the more effective.

So why should you stop avoiding kettlebell workouts?

All-in-one conditioning

Kettlebells can improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. The convenience of being able to improve all four aspects of training with one piece of equipment also saves you a significant workout time.

More power output

With normal weights, your movements are slow and methodical. But with kettlebells, the exercises often require you to jerk the kettlebells in a quick, decisive movement. This develops power-endurance, which is your ability to produce movements over an extended period of time. It also enables fast muscular contractions over an extended period of time.

This means that you are able to put out more power when performing activities.

Improves balance

Kettlebell exercises force your body to contend with a constantly changing centre of gravity. As you throw the kettlebell around, your weight is displaced accordingly. This improves your balance.

The constant movement of kettlebells in a workout requires you to control the movement path, which improves your stabiliser muscles. When you pair this with a strong core, your balance increases.

Strong forearms and grip

Kettlebells have a thicker handle which makes it more taxing to hold onto. This improves the strength of your grip and forearms. And since the kettlebell’s centre of gravity is constantly moving, the muscles you use to grip it become more agile.

Improves cardio

Any form of exercise improves your cardio health. Kettlebell workouts are no different. Since they take place with your arms of over your head, your respiratory muscles are engaged. When the respiratory muscles are engaged, they are unable to focus on your breathing. This forces other respiratory muscles to play an even larger role in your cardiovascular fitness.

Improves core strength and stability

Many kettlebell exercises are a form of ballistic training. This improves your explosive power by increasing your acceleration and decreasing your deceleration. These explosive movements stimulate your core.

Kettlebell exercises also work your abs from all directions. This builds well-rounded core strength.

With some exercises, you will only be using one kettlebell on one side. This improves your core’s stability and strength at the same time.

Improves coordination

Because of the dynamic movements that come with kettlebell workouts, you will constantly be aware of your body. This is because, as the kettlebell comes over your head, and moves from side to side and swings in between your legs, you need to avoid losing control and getting hurt. This focus will improve your mind to muscle connection, which will, in turn, improve your coordination.

Kettlebells can be very awkward and unconventional, but they are very beneficial for your overall body health. Not only do they provide all four aspects of a workout – strength, endurance, flexibility and balance – in a single session, they also improve your power output. This should be reason enough to stop avoiding kettlebell workouts.

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