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When strength training — either using free weights or on a machine — make sure that there’s always someone which is nearby to supervise.

Having a spotter nearby is especially important when making use of free weights. Even someone in great shape just sometimes can’t do that last rep. It’s no big deal if you’re just doing biceps curls; all you’ll have to do is just drop the weight onto the floor.

However, if you’re right in the midst of a bench press — a chest exercise where you’re lying on a bench and then pushing a weighted barbell away from your chest — it’s simple to get hurt if you drop the weight. A spotter may keep you from dropping the barbell onto your chest.

Youth strength training is a massive topic of interest for a lot of researchers, clinicians, practitioners as well as coaches. When to begin, how much is sufficient or too much, and what to prescribe is constantly debated as well as put under scrutiny.

However, at the moment, a compelling body of scientific evidence supports participation in properly designed youth resistance training programmes which are supervised and instructed by qualified fitness professionals. Furthermore, the benefits of strength training starting at younger ages may eventually have long-term implications for a person’s healthy lifestyle and future sports participation.

Is Strength Training Safe?

Strength-training programmes are usually safe. When done correctly, strength training won’t damage growing bones. Children and teens with a number of medical conditions — such as unrestrained high blood pressure, seizures or – alternatively – heart problems — will need to be cleared by their doctors before beginning a strength-training programme.

When you’re in the midst of a strength-training session and something which doesn’t feel right to you, you feel some sort of pain, or if you hear or sense a ‘pop’ during a workout, stop what you’re doing immediately. Have a medical practitioner check you out before you go back to strength training. You may need to alter your training or even stop lifting weights for a while to allow the injury to heal.

Many individuals tend to lump all types of weightlifting together. However, there’s a massive difference between strength training, powerlifting as well as bodybuilding. Powerlifting concentrates on how much weight an individuals can lift at one time. The goal of competitive bodybuilding is to establish muscle size as well as definition.

Powerlifting, maximal lifts, as well as bodybuilding, are not recommended for teens who are still maturing. That’s as these types of activity increase the chance for injuries.

Strength Training And Athletic Performance

The progress of athletic performance in youth athletes is a complicated task, and to achieve high levels of athleticism necessitates a robust long-term plan. Sports participation alone, in a number of cases, does not offer the sufficient stimulus in order to achieve this. Resistance training in all types (e.g. strength, power or speed training) can assist to attenuate these issues through protecting against injuries and positively affecting youth athlete’s physical literacy, so, diminishing the impact of low physical activity as well as early sport specialisation among the youth.

Stronger young athletes will be better equipped to learn complex movements, master sport tactics, and sustain the requirements of training and competition resistance training prescription needs to be based on a suitable progression according to training age, motor skill, technical proficiency as well as existing strength levels. Another factor which you need to consider is the biological age and psychosocial maturity level of the child or adolescent.

A high-level of muscular strength adds to enhancing performance ability in young athletes. Moreover, it is also very important to build a good base of fundamental movements during childhood as well as adolescence as this will help the youths develop more efficient motor skills whilst simultaneously reducing their risk of injury due to improved body control and/or technique.

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