How To Create An Attractive Yoga Space At Home

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Everyone who practices yoga will acknowledge the moment when the mind shifts from ‘everyday life’ style into the present. For some, this happens after a few deep breaths and an opening mantra, with other people it begins at the studio door. Whether this is thanks to the quiet surroundings or simply being in a dedicated yoga space, once inside, letting go of life’s everyday stresses becomes a breeze.

Perhaps this is the reason that a growing number of yogis are creating dedicated spaces to practice in at home. In addition to making it simpler to fit in an extra session here and there, a personal yoga area can help to remove outer distractions and make it simpler to focus on your inner self. Plus, without a timetable to worry about you can easily adapt depending on your schedule, energy levels and mood.

Yoga is not just about exercising and building muscle strength. It is also about improving your connection to your body and mental health. To get a complete experience out of yoga practice, you need to be in a space which allows you to feel calm and relaxed, and able to concentrate on your breathing without distraction.

If you do not practise at a gym or a group class, or if you enjoy supplementing those classes with practice at home, you might have had trouble finding a place to practice yoga in your home. It is important to have a safe, relaxing space that you can practise in. Unfortunately, that can be hard to do in your home if you are low on space. However, you can fix this problem! Here are our top tips on how to create an inviting yoga space at home:

Top tips on how to create an inviting yoga space at home

  1. Choose A Space

If you have the room for it, it would be best to have a specific space to practise, whether this is a part of a home gym or a separate room altogether. However, many of us do not have this luxury, but that does not mean that you cannot have a dedicated space.

Choose an area that you will practise in every week, and that has enough space to move around in. Commit to it. By continuing to use the same space, you will begin to associate the space with your practice and this creates a sense of comfort and familiarity each time you begin a new workout.

  1. Minimalism Is Key

Clutter and excess items in your eye line create tension and stress. If during every practice, you are constantly looking at mess and objects that you don’t like, then you will not have the opportunity to relax and engage with your practice fully. Remove objects that you dislike and try to keep only things are functional or that you find visually appealing. Less is more – without unnecessary items, your brain will be less distracted and can focus on your body’s movements instead.

  1. Set The Mood

Whether this is a space that you use only for yoga or one that becomes a yoga studio for short periods, take time to set it up before you start a practice. Colour and lighting play a role in your mood and taking a few minutes to dim the lights and then light several candles can have a large impact on the way that you experience the workout.

  1. Invest As You Go

Don’t spend large amounts of money all at the same time. You don’t need fancy equipment or yoga clothing straight away. Having an expensive mat and special yoga leggings won’t make you better at yoga! See new pieces as an investment over time, that will only serve to enhance your future experience.

Yoga has been a crucial practice for ages, helping with general health and mindfulness. It doesn’t take considerable effort to transform an area of your home into the ideal yoga zone. All you need is a mat and sufficient room to move around 360 degrees. Making your own inviting and intimate yoga space will amplify up your practice and zen state of mind a hundredfold! Having a peaceful space to practise yoga is valuable for your overall health.

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