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It’s healthy and normal to have some body fat however not all fat is created equal. Visceral fat is a kind of body fat which is stored within the abdominal cavity. This type of fat is located near several vital organs which include the liver, stomach as well as the intestines. Visceral fat can also cause a build-up in the arteries. This type of fat is sometimes referred to as “active fat” as it can actively increase the risk of serious health problems.

Visceral body fat, which is also known as ‘hidden’ fat, makes up approximately one tenth of all the fat that is stored in your body. Most of the fat, which is stored underneath the skin, is known as subcutaneous fat. This is the fat that you can see and feel once you pinch your skin. The balance of the fat in your body is concealed. That’s visceral fat. In addition, it makes your belly stick out or provides with you an ‘apple’-looking shape.

Fat doesn’t just sit there. It gives off chemicals and hormones which can be toxic to the body. Hidden body fat produces more of these substances as opposed to fat under the skin so it’s more dangerous. Even in thin people, having a greater proportion of this kind of fat has a range of health risks.

How To Measure the Visceral Fat In Your Body

The only way to conclusively diagnose visceral fat in your body is with a CT or MRI scan. However, these are expensive as well as time-consuming procedures. Instead, medical providers will usually utilised general guidelines in order to evaluate your visceral fat as well as the health risks it poses to your body.

Harvard Health, for instance, says that about 10 percent of all body fat is visceral fat – which we’ve previously mentioned. So if you calculate your total amount body fat and then take 10% away you can estimate your amount of visceral fat.

A simple way in order to tell if you may be at risk is by measuring your waist size. According to medical experts, if you are a woman and your waist measures 90 cm or larger, you are in danger of health problems emanating from this kind of fat. Men are in danger of developing health problems when their waist measures 102 cm or larger.

Visceral fat is often assessed on a scale of 1 to 59 when it is diagnosed with body fat analysers or MRI scans. Healthy levels of visceral fat remain under 13. If your rating is between 1 and 59, immediate lifestyle changes are recommended.

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Try Out A Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diets are an efficient way of reducing visceral fat. In fact, a number of different studies have shown that low-carb diets are more effective at reducing this kind of fat as opposed to low-fat diets.

In addition, the ketogenic diet, which is a very low-carb diet, may also help reduce visceral fat. Ketogenic diets severely reduce carb intake and replace it with fat. This can put your body into a natural metabolic state called ketosis.

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