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Including exercise into your everyday routine is a common resolution which entrepreneurs make and quickly abandon months after beginning. Exercise enhances mental health, increases productivity and has countless physical benefits. However, creating a new habit is difficult. A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs won’t stick to their new workout plan as soon as their lives get “busy”.

The most challenging part of exercising regularly is forming exercise as a lasting habit. Once you determine a habit, exercise will become second nature or even an activity that you look forward to each day. Here are some tips to assist with creating an exercise routine you can carry with you beyond just the early stages.

Only Take Part in Exercises You Actually Enjoy

Do you force yourself to run when you actually hate running? Do you dread every moment of sweating through hot yoga? Release yourself from the burden of doing exercises you don’t enjoy! With so many different kinds of workouts at your fingertips, it’s really not necessary to force yourself into the ones which you can’t stand.

Exercise really does need to be an act of self-love. There’s absolutely nothing loving about self-torture! Experiment with various kinds of workouts until you find the one which suits you best.

You can begin by looking at some options such as:

  • HIIT,
  • Yoga,
  • Dance, or
  • Strength training.

Put Your Exercise Training Schedule On Your Calendar

Rather than picking an activity which they don’t enjoy doing, the other thing that keeps individuals from regularly exercising is not blocking out the time for it on their calendar. For these people, exercise is one of those things which they’ll get to but only if they have time for it. However, of course, they never do, as something else always comes up.

If you want to have time to exercise, you need to make time for it. The best way that you can do this is to put your workouts on your calendar and then treat them like doctor’s appointments. Just as you’d tell someone that you were busy if they would like to do something at the same time you were slated to see a doctor, you’re going to tell people that you’re already booked when they ask you to do something that clashes with your workout “appointment”.

Set Realistic Expectations

As with any new practice, it’s always a great idea to begin small. Start with manageable and achievable tasks. The burst of resolve which you get when you begin off your new exercise habit can fade with time, so don’t depend on that to fuel your resolution beyond the first number of weeks.

Some exercise is always far better than no exercise, so remember this on days when you feel like giving up. Maybe just taking a short walk is good enough for that day. At least you went outside and also got some fresh air as well as movement.

Although it’s very important to stick to an exercise plan, don’t beat yourself up if you go off track for a day or two. Consistency is key, as long as you get back to the gym after a busy (or lazy) week, you have nothing which you need to lose sleep over. Defining manageable expectations and then showing yourself forgiveness when you fall short will make it more probable that your fitness routine will last in the long run.

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