How to Motivate Yourself to Run

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Do you ever look at distance runners with envy? Wish you too could run? Running is a great way to assist you with your fitness goals and relieve stress, but there might be occasions where you are not motivated. Reasons for this might include tiredness, lack of nutrition or a hectic schedule. But how do you motivate yourself?

Here are Some Motivational Tips

Enter a 10km Race or Fun Run

By entering a race (even a non-competitive one), you’re making a commitment. This will help keep you motivated and on track. Plus, it gives you a timeline for your training – you can’t take it too easy if you know you only have a month until race day.

Get Into a Routine

Diarise your run. Stick to a routine – you might not follow it at first but the more you push yourself, the more it becomes a habit.

Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes

If you’ve never run before, then you’ve never experienced the pain of runners’ injuries (shin splints and torn ligaments). You can prevent these sorts of injuries by wearing shoes designed specifically for running and that will offer you protection and comfort. However, buying the right pair of running shoes is critical. After all, no two runners’ feet strike the ground and move through the running gait, in the same way.

Find a Training Programme that Suits You

You may be a raw beginner, with zero running experience. Perhaps you’re comfortable with a 5km run and looking for a new challenge. Possibly you have the time to run and train every day, or maybe you can only train four times a week. These are just a few of the considerations that will help you to choose the right kind of programme, or why not allow a Personal Trainer to assist you with setting up a training programme?

Join a Running Club

Interaction with like-minded people is a great motivator. Joining a running club is a great way for you to get your training done! Surrounding yourself with runners means you’re more likely to stay motivated and meet your goals. Plus, you’ll get advice and support from more seasoned runners. 

Get Up and Run!

Get up and put on your running shoes. Don’t make excuses! Just run! Don’t allow yourself to think of alternative exercises. Decide you are going to run and commit to it.

Drop a Kilo or Two

Running is a high-impact sport and losing one or two kilos means you don’t have to work as hard, physically, to run longer distances more easily. Plus, it reduces the impact stress on joints.

Contact Trifocus Fitness Academy

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