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Crossfit challenges your strength and fitness abilities through constant, varied, high-intensity functional movements that utilises your own body weight for resistance to build strength all over. Known as the sport of fitness, it has boomed over the last few years, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ways to stay fit, active and strong.

Here are Just Some of The Benefits of this Sport

  1. A Conditioned Body

Crossfitters train according to programmes that are set up to increase physical performance and conditioning by using large muscle groups and various ranges of motion which increases better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance.

  1. Assists with Weight Loss

Many people do cardio exercises to lose weight, but they are not aware that high-intensity functional training exercises from crossfit can actually assist you with burning more fat a lot quicker.

  1. Motivation, Support System

Most people are drawn to crossfit because of its sense of belonging to a community with like-minded people. Thanks to the ongoing support that comes from a group-based exercise setting, you get the added benefit of fellow members that will motivate and encourage you to stay on track.

  1. Nutrition Important 

Nutrition is vital and will assist in making you stronger, leaner and faster, as well as improve recovery time, which is why many crossfitters choose to follow a diet consisting of various lean meats and proteins, lots of vegetables and certain fruits in moderation, as well as small amounts of carbohydrates, for example, sweet potato.

Ask for Crossfit Recommendations 

Just because it looks like fun doesn’t mean that you will enjoy it. Crossfit is tough, so sign up for a tryout session and make a decision based on your experience. You also might want to consider doing your tryout session at the box you plan on joining so that you get a feel for the box culture and the coach’s attitude, energy and style.

Find a trainer who is properly qualified to teach you about this sport and activity. Crossfit can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury if you do not practise it with the right form.

It is recommended that you always train under the watchful eye of your coach or trainer, or a training partner or friend who at least knows the principles of crossfit, the do’s and dont’s of certain lifts, and is someone who can assist you should you fail in a lift. Safety always comes first and should be your number one priority.

If you are still unsure, chat to friends or family who have been doing crossfit for a while and get their opinion to help you make a decision.

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