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Are you stuck in a fitness rut? Do you feel as if you’ve stopped making progress? These workout tips may help you to get your groove back when you’ve come to a fitness plateau.  If you feel like you’ve have hit a roadblock on your fitness journey, don’t throw up your hands in despair — this happens to most people! Once you understand how your body adapts to training, you can make the changes to break through the plateau, continue making progress and start enjoying exercise again.

What Is a Workout Plateau?

Essentially, a workout plateau is when your body becomes used to a particular workout routine. If you’re continuously doing the same workout, you will stop seeing results as the body requires variety in order to challenge it to a new plateau. The body is able to adjust to repetition and the workout will no longer challenge it.

However, it’s not just repetition which can cause a workout to plateau. If you overtrain, you could find yourself in a plateau as well. Your body requires time to repair in between workouts. When you overtrain, you could stop seeing results because your muscles need that rest time to repair and build.

Why You Hit A Workout Plateau

You Do Exactly The Same Workout Every Day

Plateaus take place when the body starts to adjust to the demands your exercise routine necessitates of it. Once your body fits in with a fitness routine, you probably will not see many benefits until you make adjustments which force your body to move as well as work in new ways. Depending on your fitness goals, experts make the suggestion that you should change up your exercise routine every two to five weeks in order to see maximum results.

You’re Training Too Hard

Sometimes, fitness plateaus take place because of over-training. Signs of over-training include muscle as well as joint pain, fatigue, an overall lack of energy or catching a cold or flu frequently. Strenuous exercise results in your muscle tissue breaking down. Your body needs to have adequate rest in order to rebuild and repair your muscles as well as achieve optimal results. Without sufficient rest, your body is not able to meet the demands and will prioritise maintaining health over exercise gains. At times, less is more when it comes to exercise, so be sure to plan regular rest days in your workout routine.

You Need To Pump Up Your Workout

On the flip side, a workout which isn’t challenging enough will also not produce your required results. Inject some energy into your exercise routine with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or group circuit classes. These classes may be a valuable departure from your typical workout, keep your mind and body stimulated as well as target different muscle groups and energy systems in order to what you may be used to.

What Should I Do When I Hit A Workout Plateau?

What you do when you hit a workout plateau will be dependent on what your goals are. For some people, a plateau isn’t a problem. If you are happy with your current fitness levels, keep going with your current exercise routine in order to maintain fitness. However, if you are unsatisfied with a lack of progress, don’t despair. There are actions which you can take in order to overcome this fitness plateau.

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