How To Prevent Injuries From Indoor Cycling? Find out in this article.

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Indoor cycling fast is becoming more popular than ever before. Cycling bikes come with an array of benefits that help you work up a sweat without even going anywhere.  Are you looking for a fun alternative to the same old treadmill? A high energy indoor cycle class is a phenomenal way to sweat it out to some feel-good music. Time flies when you’re having fun.

An indoor cycling class (sometimes called a spin class) comes with all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Plus, it’s a low-impact workout to give your joints a break. What could be so difficult about riding a stationary bike? Just hop on and start pedalling. It turns out that a lot can go wrong. Enter: cycle class injuries.

What Are Some Common Indoor Cycling Injuries?

Indoor cycling is a cardio program which builds up both strength and fitness with very slight impact to your joints, so it’s a programme that almost anyone can do. However, as with any movement one does repetitively, indoor cycling can cause injury or could cause the body part to become ‘worn’. That’s why it’s an extremely very good idea to cross-train so that your muscles and bones are being used differently.

Knee Injury

Indoor cycling can be quite taxing on your knees, especially if you are not sitting correctly on the bike. You could also find that your knee hurts more after you’ve pedalled for a long period of time. This kind of knee pain is so common that it was even given its own name — cyclist’s knee, or the more scientific term, patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS).

Back And Shoulder Pain

Common indoor cycling injuries consist of back pain and related shoulder injuries which are caused by bad posture. A common mistake that people make is hunching over the handles too far forward and tensing their shoulders.

Wrist Strain

Wrist pain is another one of those troublesome common indoor cycling injuries. If you are susceptible to wrist strains, then make sure to keep them straight when holding the handles.

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Learn How To Set Up Your Bike

It all begins right here. A poor spin bike set-up will put you behind the eight ball to start. Bike settings that are not right will put you in poor alignment and may also cause injury. All bikes are different. Bring a few basics with you.

There will always be the option to adjust the bike saddle height (seat height) as well as handlebar height. Then it becomes more fine-tuned with forward/back positions, and foot placement if you’re not using clips. Find the optimal set up that works for your body. Even small adjustments can make a ride uncomfortable. Starting with the right set up can help prevent cycle class injuries.

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