What Are The Advantages Of Lifting Heavy Weights?

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For years, only a minority of dedicated fitness enthusiasts have practised a sure-fire method of attaining outcomes from exercise: lifting weights with the heaviest loads that are possible. While theoretically NOT lifting, pulling (or pushing) a car is phenomenal for developing lower body strength as the muscles are working to overcome a maximal load.

The most common gym routines are derived from the bodybuilding world and focus on moderate-to-high repetition ranges, usually 8-15 reps, to increase the size of a muscle. Serious strength-training enthusiasts know that lifting heavy for five repetitions or less, while extremely challenging, can increase muscle strength without necessarily increasing size.

You’ll Incinerate More Body Fat

Build more muscle and you’ll be keeping your body burning fat all day long. In addition, lifting weights could increase your lean body mass, which has the result of increasing the number of overall calories that you burn during the day.

In the latest research on overweight or obese adults (age 60 and over), the mixture of a low-calorie diet and weight training lead to greater fat loss as opposed to a combination of a low-calorie diet in addition to walking workouts. The adults who walked rather than training with weights did lose a comparable amount of weight—however a considerable portion of the weight loss included lean body mass.

In the meantime, the adults who did strength training retained muscle mass while losing fat. This makes the suggestion that strength training is better at assisting people lose belly fat compared with cardio as while aerobic exercise burns both fat and muscle, weightlifting burns nearly exclusively fat.


Training with heavy weights is demonstrated to improve your self-confidence. In addition, weight training can reduce anxiety, ease depression as well as increase happiness. While it might be quite challenging at times to get motivated in order to hit the gym, the benefits far outlast the initial struggle.

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Your Muscles Will Look More Defined

Do you love the lean and defined muscles on super-fit ladies? If ladies want more definition, they need to lift heavier as they cannot get bigger muscles owing to low testosterone levels. So, lifting heavier weights has the potential to make women far more defined.

Lifting heavy weights is responsible for developing more than only muscle. Lifting heavy weights increases the production of a number of different hormones, including the hormone IGF-1, which assists with stimulating connections in the brain and enhancing cognitive function. In a recent study, leg strength was positively linked with stronger minds that are far less susceptible to the negative effects of ageing. Simply stated: Strength training may improve your ability to learn and think as you age.

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