How To Strengthen Your Abs With Boxing? Find out in this article.

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Boxing is a phenomenal way of developing both functional as well as aesthetic abs. A common misconception is that boxing is just an arms workout. Sure, if you box with bad form your shoulders will burn like no other however when you box using proper form it is also a great core workout.

In order to generate speed as well as power in boxing you need to make use of hip and trunk rotation. This requires the muscles of the abdomen – such as the internal and external obliques – to contract explosively (both concentrically as well as eccentrically) in order to create torque as well as to delay the movement so that your centre of gravity stays over your base of support, i.e., midline stability.

It is also extremely effective at developing a muscle which many individuals attribute to sculpting the greatest abdominal region – the Serratus Anterior (SA). When it comes down to sculpting the midsection, most individuals fall short of their potential by just focusing on the rectus abdominus, which is also known as the visible six-pack and ignoring the serratus anterior.

What Does The Serratus Anterior Do?

The SA ties the whole abdomen together and should not be overlooked. The serratus anterior is often called the boxer’s muscle as boxers tend to have the best development. The motive for this is owing to the action of the SA is scapular protraction (think about reaching for a long punch). It’s a functional muscle which also has aesthetic benefits. It brings together the six-pack look.

Naturally, if your body fat percentage is not sufficiently low to reveal your abs, then doesn’t matter how many crunches as well as leg raises you do – or how many punches you throw – you won’t be able to see what’s underneath the layer of subcutaneous fat. In other words, abs are sculpted in the gym and uncovered in the kitchen. It is necessary for you to put in the hard work in the gym in order to stimulate growth and then you should let your nutrition do the remainder of the job. Sculpted abs are one of the biggest advantages of boxing.

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Scapula Exercises Which Strengthen Your Serratus Anterior

Shoulder blade protractions are a phenomenal exercise to prepare for the added weight which your serratus anterior will meet during push-ups. In order to protract your shoulders, pull your shoulder blades away from the spine. Think about giving yourself a bear hug. If you do this, you are protracting your shoulders.

Scapular push-ups are another great scapula exercise as they isolate this particular muscle group. To perform this move, get into a push-up position and straighten your arms. Cautiously slide your shoulder blades inward towards each other and then outwards away from each other. Do this movement ten times.

You are also able to do a wall exercise for your serratus anterior. First, stand with your back against a wall and then raise your arms. Inch your arms upwards while making sure that you keep your shoulders down. If you’re just beginning, keep your thumbs touching the wall and then slowly press your elbows firmly against the wall as far back as you are able to.

And then, obviously, there are your Bar Method classes! Push-ups, plank, rhomboid pulls, arm dancing as well as oblique punches are all effective moves for your serratus anterior. Ask your instructor to assist you with engaging this underrated muscle during your next class — your arms will thank you for it!

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