How To Use A Peloton Bike? Find out more in this article.

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Exercise is all about challenging yourself and finding ways from preventing boredom and an unwelcomed plateau in your training. The same can be said for training on your bike. It shouldn’t be the same thing over and over – and we have the tips to help you shake things up.

Your Peloton Is Not Just A Bike. It’s More Than That

Did you know that you can incorporate yoga, strength training and even sleep with your Peloton? You can also include other exercises into your session for when your legs get tired or if you want to create a more holistic workout programme. It’s more than just spinning; you just need to unleash the potential – it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Don’t Forget To Stretch

As with any workout, stretching beforehand is incredibly important to prevent the risk of stiffness or even injury. It’s also important to check the setup of your bike regularly to ensure that it’s properly configured.

Starting Out

A beginner class is definitely the best way to start your peloton journey. Even when you’re an experienced rider, the instructor will be able to give you additional tips and insight that you may have forgotten or overlooked.

On the topic of instructors, when it comes to your sessions, it’s important that you’re comfortable with the instructor, but there is such a thing as becoming too comfortable. As you progress in your journey, consider attending classes belonging to other instructors to challenge you and prevent a plateau in results.

If your knee is able to touch and turn the resistance dial, you’re sitting too far forward, putting the weight on your arms and thighs instead of your core. Keep weight on the seat by pushing your bum and hips backwards.

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5 Useful Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Ride

  1. Pull up on your pedals as well as pushing down. This will increase your output while working both your glutes and your hamstrings. This will also let you get more out of your session.
  2. Your grip will affect your performance. While you may be inclined to lean on the handlebars for support, their function is actually stability. If you’re using your arms to support your weight reduces the impact of your workout. Flexing your fingers while training will help to prevent this from happening.
  3. Programme the display. You can select what type of information it is that you would like to have displayed on the screen by tapping on the buttons, or you can double-tap the screen to remove everything – the choice is yours.
  4. Choose your playlist. You can connect your Apple Music or Spotify account so that you can listen to your favourite playlists while working out. Another option is downloading the songs played by the instructor to listen to later or during your next workout.
  5. 5-minute workouts get straight to the point and don’t have the one-minute introduction and will help you finish your session and jump straight into the next one.

Pelotons give you the option of choosing your workouts at the frequency you choose. It also allows you to add to your session to ensure that you are able to meet your training requirements. In the same breath, you have access to a world of professionals and peers that are merely a click away.

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