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Battle ropes are definitely no passing fad and been around since the mid-noughties. Interest has progressively grown to the point where almost all gyms have a set. And there’s a great reason for such widespread adoption. Tossing these thick, heavy ropes about does more than just look impressive – it’s a brutally effective workout.

Along with increased strength as well as fat loss, battle ropes provide a very intense cardio workout – they’re well-suited to Tabata training – and develop muscular endurance. It’s also an easy-to-acquire piece of kit which is simple to set up outside and takes up minimal storage space.

Battle Ropes Are Very Simple To Use And Set Up

Once you have your battle ropes, find some type of anchor to put the mid-point of the rope around. This could be a lamppost outside or – alternatively – around one of the columns of a squat rack. Whatever you make use of as your anchor, make sure that it will not fall over.

In addition, there are anchor strap kits that you are able to purchase for your battle ropes. These are not necessary in order to perform the exercise. However, dependent on your choice of anchor, they may be useful to assist attach the rope to bigger immobile objects.

Once you have anchored your battle ropes, lay them down on the floor in front of your anchor in order to ensure that you have enough room to perform the exercise. Grasp one end of the rope in each hand and you are ready to perform any battle rope exercise.

Essential Battle Ropes Exercises

You are able to use ropes at the beginning of your session as part of a warm-up or – alternatively – activation phase. In addition, you are also able use them in the middle of your workout in order to build strength with waves, slams and whips. Also, you can use them at the end of a workout as a closer for time or reps.

Battle ropes are super for time-based workouts. You work at a higher intensity as opposed to with, say, dumbbells. This is because you get your heart rate up and burn more calories.

Biceps Wave

Making sure that the rest of your body is kept still, wave the ropes as fast as possible. Focus on high numbers of reps and high amplitude. It’ll prime your muscles for what’s to come.

Remain in a quarter-squat position, with your back straight, and make sure that you keep elbow movement to a minimum. Keeping your elbows in will stop your shoulders from burning out and keep the movement in the biceps.

Lateral Whip

With a minor bend in your elbows, bring the battle ropes up as if you were doing a lateral raise. Keep your thumbs pointing slightly forwards and then whip them downwards. Continue with performing do your raises at speed.

This is a phenomenal way to target your rear delts as well as back muscles. These are muscles which are associated with creating better posture. Common errors include too much leg movement in and out of the squat and letting the torso slouch. Keep your chest up and stay in a quarter squat.

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