How valuable is a personal trainer course?

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Lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise in South Africa. According to statistics from 2016, approximately 210 people die from heart attacks every day in this country. One of the leading causes of this type of disease is a sedentary lifestyle. This means that getting moving will literally save your life!

A personal trainer is your guide in everything fitness. He or she is highly qualified and trained so that they can give their clients the best possible advice and guidance about what to do – and not to do – in terms of their workout routines.

In order for a person, who wants to become such a fitness guide, to be the best personal trainer that they can, they need to study the top-of-the-range in personal training courses. But why is this? Surely, with so much information about health, nutrition and exercise that is available on the Internet, surely it’s OK to research what you want to know and save the money on the course? That’s a hard no from us! Here’s why a personal trainer course is so valuable.

Expert tutelage

Yes, granted, there is reams upon reams of information available out there which is available on the Internet. However, who do you trust? Done incorrectly, exercise has the potential to hurt you very badly. If you have an exceptionally serious injury, you may even require surgery.

Think about if you started offering personal training services to clients, without the proper qualifications, and only having the backing of information that you found on the World Wide Web. You may have found extremely detailed diagrams and tutorials about how to perform these exercises but how do you know that you’re doing them right?

One of the number one values that a personal trainer course adds is the expert tutelage that is given to students. Experienced personal trainers lead these classes and keep a close eye on all students. This is so that they can check how they instruct people to do various exercises and, if they do mess up a bit, they can be corrected. You don’t get this from the Internet!

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An accredited qualification

A personal trainer course – at least one that is worth its salt – is accredited. What this means is that it’s backed by registered and well-respected fitness bodies. Why is this important? Well, because if a personal trainer course is accredited it has a stamp of approval which shows everyone, who knows that you have successfully passed this course, that you know what you’re talking about. This is a great marketing tool as both potential employers and prospective clients will have faith in the training that you will give and will know that you will give the best possible service out.

International opportunities

A personal trainer course that is internationally recognised as well will give you the opportunity to work overseas. So if you want to travel the world and take in the sights, you have a recognised and sought-after qualification that will help you to fund your travels.

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The Personal Training Diploma, which is offered by Trifocus Fitness Academy, offers you the most value that you can get from a personal trainer course. Developed and instructed by expert personal trainers and backed by REPSSA and CATHSSETA, if you want to become a personal trainer, look no further than this! For more information, please follow this link.

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