What is suspension training?

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‘Suspension training’ is a type of resistance training. It consists of a number of bodyweight exercises in which several multi-planar, compound movements can be done. Suspension training exercises are done in order to simultaneously develop:

Suspension training is responsible for developing physical strength whilst using functional movements and dynamic positions.

Suspension trainers have become a mainstay in the gym over recent times. Working out with these trainers can assist to sculpt of functionally sound muscle and create an environment in which you can learn exercises that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Suspension trainers, such as TRX, offer clear advantages over traditional weight training using barbells and dumbbells:

  • As suspension trainers are incredibly portable, you can put them up on any steady anchor and this will provide you with a total-body workout.
  • As suspension training exercises are not done on the ground, you add an element of instability. This boosts the challenge to your core and stabilising muscles. The result is faster muscle gains as well as more strength.

Suspension training systems are responsible for bringing a whole new element to the notion of body-weight training. The most important thing is learning to leverage your body’s relationship with gravity.

You don’t have to be super fit to start with suspension training

It is possible for people of all fitness levels to do suspension training:

  • Beginners can begin by doing light resistance-level training by changing the position of their body to be steeper.
  • Moderate to advanced people can make their bodies come lower to the floor for a more challenging routine.
  • Advanced suspension trainers can do more difficult exercises by putting their feet in the suspension stirrups because doing this intensifies the involvement of the core powerhouse muscles. For example, by doing this you can turn a standard push-up into a multi-body exercise.

Usually, you must go to different parts of the gym — from one machine to another — in order to work out all of your muscles. This be time consuming and  even decrease the intensity  –  as well as disrupt the momentum – of your workout.

On the other hand, with suspension training, with the easy adjustment of the suspension trainers you can decrease your downtime between sets which improves your overall workout.

You can do a range of exercises on the suspension trainer

The suspension trainer allows you to do a huge number of exercise options. The suspension trainer  only has two adjustable bands however it provides a thorough workout for your entire body:

  • If you face away from the suspension trainer you can engage in pushing-type movements that are ideal for the chest as well as the shoulders.
  • When you face the unit, you can do pulling exercises that mainly work the back and biceps.

The simple pulley system does the identical job as those costly and cumbersome cable weight machines that can be seen in the gym. Suspension training also allows you to perform every possible bodyweight exercise that you can think of.

The suspension trainer lets you replace the weight stack with the weight of your own body. To increase resistance, adjust the angle of your body in relation to the adjustable bands.

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