Jump Rope Vs. Running: Which One Offers A Better Workout?

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As children, jumping rope was a break time staple. So how does this playground favourite equate to a powerful cardio workout?

When it comes down to running and jumping rope, the two should go together as part of your cardio routine. So, when it comes to choosing between the two, the answer is simple – try to take on both.

The Benefits Of Jump Rope And Running

Running and jumping rope have the same benefits that can be aligned with the same fitness goal. Both forms of cardio look to increase the flow of oxygen within the body improves cardiovascular health, beneficial to mental health, ensure a healthy weight, maintain bone density, and improve your longevity.

However, if you had to choose a more superior workout that will give you a more intense workout in a condensed period of time, you may want to invest in a jump rope.

What Makes Jumping Rope Superior To Running?

  1. It’s more efficient: Research has found that 10 minutes of jumping rope equates to 30 minutes of running in terms of caloric expenditure and cardiovascular health.
  2. It’s good for your joints: Jumping rope puts less pressure on your joints compared to running. It can also improve ankle stability and reduce the risk of shin splints.
  3. It strengthens your legs: The activity involved with jumping rope isolates your quad and calf muscles. This makes it a great warmup before exercising.
  4. Improves speed and coordination: The balance, coordination and speed needed to jump rope are beneficial to your overall performance. You can also get in a full-body workout while jumping rope.

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Tips For Jumping Rope

  1. You need to get the rhythm right – when the rope hits the floor, you need to jump. This requires a matching foot and hand rhythm.
  2. Don’t try and jump too much higher than the rope – it exerts unnecessary energy.
  3. Try to make sure that it is kept as simple as possible to develop the correct form. Once you understand the basics as well as how to do them, you can increase the tempo and complexity.
  4. Start with a one-minute time limit per “set” and build it up to three minutes.

Increasing The Intensity Of Your Exercise

  1. Try jumping on one leg per set or round.
  2. Instead of lifting both feet at the same time, try to alternate feet as you jump.
  3. Double jump – try to swing the rope around twice with each jump.

The efficiency of your jump rope routine will, of course, be determined by your overall coordination and balance. At the start, it might be not easy to get the hang of it all, but once you start to grasp the concept, it’ll be easy as pie.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t jump for a full minute straight, it will take a while to get used to it, but if you persevere and push through it, the benefits will outweigh the initial irritation and difficulties.

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