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It’s that time of year folks. Productivity is dwindling and motivation is lacking. You’ve turned to apps and the ever-helpful Google, but none of their suggestions has made a difference.

Anyone who works in the world of corporate will tell you that it’s a very stressful situation to be in. Those who don’t let stress tear them down tend to perform better at the office. It’s not uncommon for individuals to voluntarily leave a perfectly well-paid position because they can’t deal with the stress as well as anxiety which come with the job.

Well, have you ever considered moving around to get that productivity going? Research has found that exercise has proven to improve productivity by 21%. There’s never been an even better reason to get up and move around.

The Impact Of Exercise On Productivity

The benefits of regular exercise have been overexplained time and time again; healthy body, healthy mind and improved lifespan. But what about productivity?

A research study conducted by Briston University had three different organisations, of 200employees strong, record their productivity on exercise and non-exercise days.

After the research study, the results were impressive. An increase of 21% was reported for improved concentration, 22% for meeting deadlines, 25% for working without random breaks and 41% for feeling more motivated to do their work.

In a second research study, it was found that fitness contributed significantly to work performance amongst 683 workers.

Exercise Gives You More Brain Cells

According to the progression of neurogenesis, the frequency at which your brain cells are growing will decline as you get older. Luckily, this can be avoided. In 2008, a study demonstrated that the brain cells of the people who exercise regularly show a higher brain growth rate. This means that adults who don’t neglect the gym have more brainpower than those who choose to be inactive. This results in them having an advantage in their workplace to advance their careers.

Exercise Gives You More Energy

The bulk of the cells in your brain have something called mitochondria. The objective of this component is to generate the energy that your body requires. When you work out, your body develops more mitochondria. This leads to you having more energy. The more energy that your brain has to use, the sharper your decision-making skills will be.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - exercise

Exercises To Boost Productivity

While we’re inclined to think that going all out during an exercise will provide a substantial boost in productivity, researchers have found that it’s the opposite.

To reduce the symptoms of fatigue, a low-intensity exercise is recommended. A study on memory, attention and problem-solving skills found that a vigorous cycling session drastically decreased levels of productivity. The effects lasted for 20 minutes before the researchers stopped tracking, which indicates that it could potentially last a lot longer.

Start with something simple like golf, dancing, yoga or walking. Walking has proven to be incredibly beneficial when done regularly – and it doesn’t need any special equipment or training to start doing.

Academic researchers who are based at the University of Glasgow have found that exercising in the morning, followed by a quick session in the afternoon is the best recipe for improved productivity and mood. It may seem excessive, but these sessions don’t need to be intense. Remember, low-intensity workouts work best. An average of 10 – 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended for adults, although every bit helps so if you can only fit in 10 minutes, then do it.

Creating An Exercise Routine

  1. Begin with something simple and then work your way up. By setting fitness goals, you will have something to strive towards and feel more accomplished by achieving it.
  2. Choose something that you’ll enjoy doing. It will leave you feeling more determined to do it every day.
  3. Find a workout buddy to keep you company and push you to achieve more.
  4. Choose a time to exercise and stick to it; make it a habit.

Exercise can improve so many aspects of your life, so what are you waiting for? If not for a healthier version of yourself, then why not for a more productive one? Not only will your bosses take notice of this, but you’ll also have more energy to get through the day.

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