Lelani Loots: An Incredible Fitness Journey

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Lelani Loots – who is a proud #TeamTrifocus brand ambassador – is a bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. She completed her personal training qualification with us online and absolutely raves about it! (Read about her experiences with the Trifocus Fitness Academy online learning portal.) She took time out of her busy schedule to chat to us about what made her get into fitness.

Lelani Loots Q&A

What was that one ‘a-ha’ moment which made you get to the gym?

Before I fully committed to the fitness lifestyle, I lived a pretty ‘typical’ life as an active woman. I was always athletic and I would go to the gym or for runs but I never really pushed myself. I was always conscious of my diet but would never go the extra mile.

What keeps you pushing?

I am always motivated by something new:

  • One day it could be someone’s kind words,
  • The next day it could be seeing a girl’s physique on Instagram who inspires me, and
  • Sometimes I motivate myself by seeing how far I’ve really come.

I think it’s very important to look back and remember why I started. Another motivator for me is when I get questions from people online or at my gym.

What do you enjoy about the fitness lifestyle?

I’m very self-motivated and I love seeing results. It’s fabulous to have such a great fan base and to be able to help change people’s lives

How often do you work out a week?

I work out six days a week:

  • On three of those six days I do two sessions a day: a gym session in the morning and a CrossFit session in the evening.

I love training, enjoy working hard and give it my all throughout the week.

Trifocus fitness academy - Lelani Loots

What is your favourite type of workout and why?

I find that what works best for me is using a rep range of between eight and 12 reps as this allows me to go heavy on the weights. I also like to play around with supersets, drop sets and pyramid sets. I limit my workouts to between four and five exercises. I never go over this number because adding more exercises feels like a waste of time to me and I always like to maintain my form.

For my cardio I enjoy doing CrossFit because it’s an all-in-one workout:

  • Strength,
  • Cardio, and
  • Gymnastics.

The last time we chatted, you said that you completed our Personal Training and Life Coaching qualifications. What made you go for these?

Getting paid to do what you love and making a career out of it is the dream! The ethos presented by Trifocus Fitness Academy allowed me to do this.  Every day is different. You’ll meet all kinds of people from different walks of life who want to achieve various goals. You won’t just be helping people get fitter, you’ll be making sure they lead healthier, active lives and change how they feel about themselves.

What are your fitness goals for 2019?

This time next year, I see myself training hard and continuing to develop my physique, fitness and health.

If someone, who is just starting out on their fitness journey, came to you for advice, what would you tell them?

  • Be consistent as this is the key to success.
  • Be patient. Improving your body takes time.
  • Don’t let setbacks discourage you. There will always be something that throws you off track. Focus and keep pushing forward.

If you dream is to become a personal trainer like Lelani, have a look at the comprehensive range of personal training courses on offer at Trifocus Fitness Academy!

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